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PODSPODSPODS is another little puzzle game created by Chris Clements, the developer behind NickelArcade. The object here is to select several tiles (called pods) on a grid that add up to the target number located in the upper left corner of the game window. The selected pods will then disappear from the board.

The more pods you use to get to the target, the more points you’ll be rewarded. The faster you select the tiles the better.

There are three different meters (red, blue and purple) that rise when you remove some pods of the corresponding color. Once the red meter is full, 5 blue pods will appear on the grid, and once the blue one is full, 3 purple pods will appear. Finally, when the purple meter is full, you’ll be rewarded with 10 new red pods.

The game ends once all the pods have been removed from the grid.

Simple and elegant, PODS has a good replay value and is recommended to any fan of puzzle games for 10 minute breaks.

Have fun!

By Eric

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