Jinx Episode 3 – Escape From Area Fifty-Two

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Escape From Area Fifty-Two is the third installment in the Jinx Point’n’Click Adventure series from YTV. Jinx lands in the middle of the desert with Dr Frantic and an alien. Unfortunately, they end up in prison! Help Jinx escape from his cell and find his friends. Have fun!

By Eric

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42 Comments to Jinx Episode 3 – Escape From Area Fifty-Two

  1. GamerJoe says:


  2. Andy says:

    This one’s tougher than the first two.

  3. Tom says:



  4. Jade Wolf says:

    @ Tom: Me, too!

  5. joe says:

    i beat 67 times

  6. Me says:

    ehm… where can I play this game???

  7. Wynne says:

    Why I Can’t play this Game??

  8. zach says:

    WERE CAN I FIND JINXS 3 chapter 2

  9. hunter says:

    i’ve won the game before last year but now it wont let me play on it. anyone no y?

  10. lance says:

    woww where can i play jinx 3 chapter 2 ?

  11. loui says:

    wat is the walkthrough of jinx chapter 2?

  12. Monique says:

    now jinx 3 chapter 2 is on jinx 3 i play it yesterday and the E.L.F can go to another room with that ventilation. and doctor frantic can go to the room (near the U.F.O) and get the alien ooze play it in y t v.com (i use space on y t v because if don’t,it cant send)

    • sailorscoutpet says:

      If you’ve played this, then could you tell me the code for the colored wires as E.L.F., please?

  13. Julia says:

    How do you get into it? I can’t get in!!

  14. jl says:

    where can i play jinx 3 chapter 2 ?!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?
    it says it will continue, but i JUST CANT FIND IT!!!!!
    and it shoulda came out!!!!!!1

    • Kate says:

      go to ytv.com and click all games and go to the page 6 and and click jinx episode 3 and the full thing should be there :) very difficult!

  15. hattie says:

    hello this games error?

  16. william says:

    how do you get past the chains on the door the ghost has a yellow jacket on on the guard has a bucket on his head but i need to give the ray gun power
    [epic tag]this game is so hard[/epic tag]

  17. LENTON says:


  18. Selena Gomez says:

    will somebody just tell where to go to play jinx 3 i went to ytv.com and i didn’t load

  19. Gerko says:

    Why doesn’t work this game by me :(

  20. Ceny-D says:

    Um yeah what do you do after you like get out of the cells?

  21. rachael says:

    to all you people who “claim” there done.. why dont you answer the questions then.

  22. rachael is the best says:

    Since im such an amazing person ill help you guys out!!!!. okay so once you have the ray gun and your jinx go back in the cage and you’ll find juice for the gun in the hay

  23. don says:

    it cant load because ytv is unavailable

  24. Tristofani Agasta says:

    Hello, can you give me Jinx 3 walkthorugh

  25. Tristofani Agasta says:

    Wow in this third episodes, add jinx clones!

  26. Strawberriez says:

    As Jinx:

    BTW i got the last few steps from my friend so im not sure if its 100% clear for u guys.

  27. JamieGirl says:


  28. Allison Brady says:

    I’m playing as E.L.F., and I’m trying to find the color code for the wires. Can anyone tell me, please?

  29. Elizabeth says:

    where does the fuse go i cant find the fuse box

  30. Michael says:

    in the start jinx should had said its an elf and elf are helpers of santa so they could had not in jail

  31. hell says:

    this game is almost impossible please please tell me how to end it please someone