Wogger Mini – Chapter 21

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WoggerWogger MiniWogger Mini #21 is online! Wogger and Tippiti are finally back home again! Is this the end of the Wogger Mini series? And will you be able to complete this twenty-first episode?

Well, you’ll find the answers in the next episode ;-)

Have fun!

Update: Wogger Mini 21 walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks Szilvie!)

By Eric

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2 Comments to Wogger Mini – Chapter 21

  1. Dep says:

    ok I’ve been frustrated by the best of point and clicks….not because they are hard, but because most of them have glitches and things don’t work…Wogger has to be the single best point and click out there and I hope there will be more chapters to come….I love this game…No spoiler from me…have fun figuring it out…it’s very enjoyable to play Wogger!

  2. Szilvie says:

    I very well agree with you, Dep. Amazing and beautiful game, nice, cute and addicting. The only thing is some things are quite hard to figure out, and some don’t make sense, but hey! Don’t all Point and Clickie games have those? Anyways, I like the challenge.
    Walkthrough for Chapter 21–