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NeighboursNeighboursOn, the talented Japanese developer behind Eyezmaze, has just released today a very cute mini game, Neighbours.

The object here is to drag and drop 9 neighbours of different colors on a 3 x 3 grid and make them live all together in a perfect harmony!

I won’t spoil the game by giving you a solution with a screen shot, but at least you know now that the little blue and red neighbors don’t really appreciate each other!

On wrote on his Blog: “well, that’s not good enough”! That being said, if I won’t claim that it’s the best mini-game ever, Neighbours is nicely done and is perfect for a 2 minute break.

How many solutions do you think there are?

Have fun!

By Eric

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13 Comments to Neighbours

  1. toyira says:

    this is a rather simple game
    but keep in mind that every time you click on retry the likes and dislikes change
    possible solution

    though i’m certain there are faster ways to solve it

  2. Babiieh.Boo says:

    Can Some-one Help Me It Wont Work And i Tried Writing it Down…?

  3. helena says:

    walkthrough first row left to right is dark purple,greyish green,yellow. second row left to right is light purple,allittle bit darker green,red. third row left to right is blue,just right green,grey or is it dark purple?mayb is grey.

  4. thiago says:



  5. pepita says:

    this is not the answer.
    The correct answer is:


    This is correct

  6. Hokubella says:

    yeah i finally didit after a jillion times!

  7. Arceusgod says:

    Guys, NONE of ur answers are correct!! Hokubella, what was YOUR solution??

  8. Bekah says:

    I just tried all of your solutions and none of them worked. You need to be more spefic with your colors.

  9. mwahahaha!! says:

    i did it after a thousand times…

  10. hjhkjhli says:

    hint: Show

  11. weehoo says:

    yah i did it after 53 drags

  12. weehoo says:


  13. Gibbs says:

    actually it has its own solution everytime you try it… go head figure it out… then try and figure it out again…. betcha wont get the same answer twice