Martijn Kunst: Base Jumping II coming soon!

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Base Jumping 2Martijn Kunst, the talented Dutch developer behind the previously reviewed Base Jumping, Bee Commando and Rodent Tree Jump is working hard on completing the sequel to his most popular game, Base Jumping. Martijn was kind enough to answer a few questions and reveal exclusive information about the development of his game.

Base Jumping 2FreeGamesNews: When did you come up with the idea of developing a sequel to the highly popular Base Jumping?

Martijn: I’ve always felt Base Jumping was poorly executed. So I’ve been trying to make up excuses to redo the game. I wanted the new version to have a new concept instead of slick graphics only.
While I was cleaning some fitness equipment on my Xmas visit to my parents I finally got a good idea for the sequel.

FreeGamesNews: when did development start on the game and when do you expect to release Base Jumping 2?

Martijn: Development started at the end of January. Providing no disasters happen, the game could be ready before the end of February. But I like to work on small projects and games when something comes up, so it’s not possible to give an estimated release date.

FreeGamesNews: What can we expect from this new game?

Martijn: Base Jumping 2 will have many new features. You can choose between ‘classic’ and ‘career’ mode. Classic is basically the previous version with better graphics and maybe some extras.

Base Jumping 2FreeGamesNews: Career Mode? Tell us more!

Martijn: In Career Mode you compete for gold (money). With the gold you can buy better parachutes and helmets. Helmets add weight – so you’ll get to the ground earlier – and provide protection.

You need money to travel to different planets (with different gravity levels).
Most of the jumping in Career mode will be one-against-one. Before jumping the two jumpers will agree a ‘betting fee’. The winner will win the gold.

You must build a reputation to be able to jump against the best jumpers and challenge them for gold.

Base Jumping 2FreeGamesnews: Do you expect the follow-up to exceed the success you’ve had with the first version?

Martijn: Exceeding 35 million plays isn’t going to be easy. With the introduction of the career building thing (upgrading, earning gold) and the betting aspect the new version will have even more ingredients that will make the game addicting. So I have good hopes this game will become BubbleBox’s most popular one yet.

FreeGamesnews: Any chance to see a multiplayer version of Base Jumping in the future?

Martijn: Definitely! The game is perfectly suited for multiplayer play.

My knowledge of multiplayer development is limited though. Since I’m not living on a fixed location I have only access to one computer, my laptop. I guess that isn’t ideal for developing multiplayer games. The multiplayer version will have to wait a bit.

FreeGamesNews: your site BubbleBox is performing extremely well since the end of the last year, according to Alexa. How do you explain that?

Martijn: The site got more visits after redesigning the pages. But it’s mostly because of releasing my ‘Extreme Heli Boarding’ game. It’s just a quick reskin of an old game, but It’s surprisingly become BubbleBox’s second most popular game, after Base Jumping.

FreeGamesnews: anything you want to add in closing?

Martijn: I hope the new Base Jumping game will get the same response from the players the first version did. It’s very rewarding to develop a game that people really enjoy playing rather than releasing a mediocre game to attract visitors to a site.

Eric (FreeGamesNews Editor): thanks for your time Martijn.

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  1. Alex says:

    OMG i am so exicted about base jumping two!!!!!YEA

  2. yo says:

    when does it come out

  3. Meg says:

    ok it is the last day off Febuary and its still not out! when please tell me

  4. Shay says:

    Go to it’s got base jumping 2 already!!

  5. Shay says:

    Nevermind, it’s one that looks like it. It’s like a pre-base jumping 2. Sorry.

  6. Meg says:

    March 7th not out and can’t play!

  7. Base Ace says:

    Base Jumping rocks. Waiting for #2. When will it come out? It’s March 9th

  8. Base Ace says:

    Go to to play Elite Base Jump.

  9. Meg says:

    March 11 its still not out im not checking anymore.

  10. tanman says:

    hurry up and put it on the site

  11. Kyle says:

    Its March dying for this game.

  12. Kyle says:

    Hurry up and put it out my clothes are going out of style

  13. Meg says:

    comeon put it out put it out nooooooooow! and it is March 11th you said should
    be out in the end of Feburary!

  14. Mike says:

    Im beginning to wonder if there even is a sequel to this game coming out. It seems to me like this might all just be hype.

  15. Meg says:

    end of March suppose to be out end February

  16. Len says:

    6 Eric – March 6,2007 – 1:56 pm
    Yo, Meg, Shay – Base Jumping 2 is expected to be live in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

    ….try a couple months *******

  17. lungi says:

    hey on bubblebox you cant even play the games u cant click on them

  18. Base Ace says:

    Who knows how long till Base Jumping 2 is out?

  19. stop_btryn says:

    guys just relax he may have had a family member die

  20. Base Ace says:

    finishing the game won’t be easy. He had the exmortis series to deal with. now someone
    stole his notebook and dvd with all his previous emortis games on it and exmortis 3 in the making. 5 years of work.he is depressed and angry.

  21. Charles says:

    This game is going to be sooooooooo cooooool!!!

  22. mr sad says:

    it not coming out its almost august,and still no base jumper(sigh).im so sad;(

  23. Jake says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Sad it will come out

  24. BubbleBox says:

    Hi all,
    I just found this page. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. Base Jumping 2 will definitely be released. It´s scheduled to be completed after my upcoming game (called “Raft Wars”)

  25. Toad - Base jumping rocks!!! says:

    Its december 28th and its stll not out when will it come out????

  26. Toad says:

    JANUARY 18 STILL NOT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Toad says:

    Is anyone paying attention to this board but me I’ve been paying attention the WHOLE TIME!!!

    p.s. January 27 still no out! thats almost a year!

  28. Toad says:

    )-: february 7th it ain’t comin’ out is it? )-:

  29. Toad says:

    feburary 16th it aint comin out :-(

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    March… 11th…. it’s… not.. coming… after…. all…. this… waiting… of… over… a…. year….. im…. so… upset…. :*-(…

  31. Joaocp says:

    Raft wars is finished and the game isint out.Im going to wait more

  32. Petey says:

    yea, get this game out already, for goodness sakes

  33. Toad says:

    i see i got some poeple talking again!
    COME OUT!!!

  34. omg rofl what a lie says:

    game isnt out and its june 18th ahaha how you like that one!? Show

  35. Toad says:

    August 30th Elite Base Jumping 2 isn’t coming out.

  36. Pillz says:

    when will this game come out?

  37. martin says:

    september 15th not out ughhhh how anoying

  38. Jack says:

    OMFG this is so crap ive been waiting a year and a half its been advertised and its not out its gonna be the best game ever why not put it out!?!? omg Feb 19 2007 to 21 Sep 2008 geez

  39. martin says:

    21st ok i think they have forgotten about it maybe when im 20 and im 12 now

  40. Kite Triblade says:

    January 2008 still no news any idea of whats going on?

  41. Kite Triblade says:

    *edit* 2009