Escape the Dungeon

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Escape the DungeonEscape the DungeonEscape the Dungeon is a new Room Escape game from Mad Science Industries. The action takes place in a “little” dungeon, and for an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a dark cell.

What is important is “the poison pulsing through your veins!”

A mad scientist has decided to play with your nerves and transform you in a mutant.

You have a mere 10 minutes to: 1 – find an antidote, and 2 – escape!

Yes, Escape the Dungeon is a timed game, but it looks good enough to give it a try. The TAB key is active in this one, and it may help you…

Have fun!

Escape the Dungeon walkthrough (thanks John1771!)

Escape the Dungeon video walkthrough!

By Eric

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78 Comments to Escape the Dungeon

  1. Jennifer says:

    finish it in 1min and 28 sec

  2. RJ says:

    1:36 (;

  3. megnah11 says:

    3 minutes 49 seconds was my time!

  4. Sarah says:

    I escaped in 4 min. 5 sec.

  5. WYluvr says:

    you can figure out the color lock by looking at the document on the Show

    of the computer. It tells of Show

  6. Krizel Angelie Argal says:

    2: 50 ;)


    4:13 was my time!

  8. Allan says:

    There’s a pen in the skeltons shirt pocket, that has a spring inside that will provide a fuse for the electrical box. Screw driver in computer desk drawer.
    a key can be found in the magazine under the pillow. a cup in the sink can be filled with water. a saw and bat are laying on the floor. Never got the bat and saw to work on anything so far.