Red and Blue Balls – Treasure Island

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Red and Blue Balls - Treasure IslandRed and Blue Balls - Treasure IslandRed and Blue Balls – Treasure Island is the latest Platform Puzzle game developed by Evgeniy Fedoseev and the third installment in the Red Ball series.

“The Red Ball is back and this time, he brought his blue friend! Unfortunately, their ship has crashed into rocks and their trasure has gone missing. Explore the island and help them recover their lost treasure!”

Control the balls with the arrow keys, and press space bar to switch balls.

Red and Blue Balls features 15 levels and is a nice addition in the series!

Have fun!

Play Red Ball

Play Red Ball 2 – The King

By Eric

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16 Comments to Red and Blue Balls – Treasure Island

  1. Sol says:

    Prid’s video walkthrough is awaited here … level 3 seems impossible already!
    Hmm. Is that only me or are these balls the same as in Sola Rola?

  2. silaslee says:

    lever 12 is kickin my ass!!! not kool lol

  3. silvereyes says:

    bonus levels are tough
    m stuck on those

  4. emj225 says:

    how do you do level 9

    • Dartanian says:


  5. Erika Heller says:

    level 7 please

    • Dartanian says:


  6. Kimberly says:

    UGH im so bad at this but i like it lol how do u do lvl 2?? :-D

  7. silly sausage says:

    OMG!!!!! level 3 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • savannah says:

      go up the bridge and push the stone A LITTLE toward the bridge, just enough to get it moving and then hurry and jump over it and get in the hole (or itll get stuck there) the stone will break the bride and just push it off till it sinks, then push the crate to the side you started on and jump off of it and you can reach the jewels :)

  8. savannah says:

    i cant get past level 4!!!!! please help every time the stone rolls over the stick it puses it down and sinks anyway

  9. ahf says:

    can any one help with the first bit of level 2??

  10. Nell says:

    anyone have a bonus level walkthrough?

  11. Caroline Schramm says:

    I can’t do the 4 level!! how i do this?

  12. Psp880 says:

    Help on level 12!!!!

  13. Jessica says:

    I can’t do level 12 hellllp!!!