Hidden Alphabet 10

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Hidden Alphabet 10Hidden Alphabet 10 is a Hidden Object game from Gamershood where your goal is to find all the 26 letters of the alphabet in each of the  five scenes featured in the game. Use the magnifier to investigate the scene thoroughly. Take your time, some letters are very well hidden! Have fun!

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By Eric

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13 Comments to Hidden Alphabet 10

  1. rogermoure says:

    hi, im dtuck with “J”

  2. rogermoure says:

    ok for the first picture

  3. rogermoure says:

    the second picture is easiest

  4. mGb says:

    rogermoure Show

    Where’s the K on lvl 1?

  5. mGb says:

    The K is Show

  6. wilhelmena3 says:

    rogermoure, the J is Show

  7. wilhelmena3 says:

    Having huge issues finding K in the first image. Rando-click time!

  8. Caro says:

    K in first is Show

    Need to find V in 3th.

  9. Andy says:

    I can’t find the U on the first one.

  10. dmq says:

    im in the living room cant find R or Z

  11. dmq says:

    wow done

  12. m1232 says:

    Z on the hi-fi

  13. captain wafer says:

    Here’s the walkthrough

    Love these games