Escape Chuck Norris

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Escape Chuck NorrisEscape Chuck Norris is a new Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “Escape the house, but watch out – there is Chuck Norris in the room. Actually you cannot beat Chuck Norris  – but give your best.” Chuck is now 69 years old and I do think he’s beatable! Have fun!

Escape Chuck Norris walkthrough (thanks dg!)

By Eric

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11 Comments to Escape Chuck Norris

  1. Kondr says:

    You cant escape Chuck Norris…. Game title FAIL

  2. ratmq says:

    2ND i guess……..Not much of an Honor judging by the game so far…..Knife and can’t seem 2 navigate?…..

  3. dg says:

    It’s actually quite easy to escape Chuck Norris. Maybe his age is getting to him…

  4. ratmq says:

    Okay, stick with it…..As well as the Show



    I am not too sure about this game……..

  5. ratmq says:

    Im sure I didnt give away 2 much but sorry 4 the lame use of spoilers..Show

    Edit: spoiler tags fixed!

  6. Toxic says:

    The game’s not very realistic…


  7. dg says:

    How to escape Chuck Norris in 13 easy steps: Show

  8. Whtie Wolf says:

    Not to hard.

  9. DNOMN8R says:

    It was only a matter of time…

  10. goldie says:

    Done, thnx all.

  11. arcnova says:

    Chuck Norris Show