Rainbow Drops 2

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Rainbow Drops 2Rainbow Drops 2 is the next installment in the Japanese Room Escape Rainbow Drops series from candy pot. You will have to collect several colored balls and a couple of keys in this one before before you can escape from this room. There are two different endings in this one… Have fun!

By Eric

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22 Comments to Rainbow Drops 2

  1. daber says:

    anyone there?

  2. ada says:

    yep, dont have a clou, have 4 balls and part of a key

  3. ada says:

    and some sort of remote, no battery. Don’t understand the clou in the blue book

  4. daber says:

    I’m where you are ada…stuck with no clue.
    Have found three numbers…part of the code for the cabinet door…but need another number

  5. daber says:

    remote needs a battery…haven’t found one yet

  6. ada says:

    I tried every code for the left door and bingo

    Got another remote

  7. ada says:

    the code for that remote isShow

  8. ada says:


  9. daber says:

    yes Show

  10. daber says:

    then you getShow

  11. daber says:

    out with cute ending as reward…how are you doing ada..you are probably already out

  12. daber says:

    a second ending?

  13. ada says:

    also out yes.

  14. Kitty says:

    Where can I get the key for the lower part cabinet?

  15. Sol says:

    The code for the three-digit lock:

  16. Patricia says:

    For some reason I push the picture and it won’t come off…I thought the code was Show

  17. Sol says:

    Got this from Escapegames24 (but figured out the other thing by myself ;-)) – it’s

  18. Deb says:

    Didn’t get cute end..just said “End”. Nice little game.

  19. dg says:

    I don’t understand what’s going on. I also opened the lower part of the cabinet with the key, and got a Show

    Also, I don’t see a curtain.


  20. dg says:

    Hints (with some help from EG24):
    Note first that you can’t enter any code until you’ve actually seen all places that hint at the code.

  21. bones says:

    thanx for your help dg, christmas end was cute xxx

  22. saladdd says:

    this is the first game that I dont need walkthrough or tips for me to finish it