The Test of Wits

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The Test of WitsIn the Room Escape game The Test of Wits, “you are suddenly knocked unconscious and you find yourself trapped inside a mysterious room with no means of getting out except for a locked door. Use your wits to uncover the hidden key and get back home as soon as possible!” Have fun!

The Test of Wits walkthrough (thanks Megan!)

By Eric

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12 Comments to The Test of Wits

  1. Saso says:


  2. Saso says:

    And OUT! Nice and easy.

  3. rosita says:

    how the heck do you use the codes from the radio?to the books?

  4. Guess says:

    Where do you use the Show

    I tried on the radio but nothing happened

  5. Guess says:

    oops sorry first time using spoiler tags

  6. Guess says:

    never mind got out!

  7. David says:

    can’t figure out bookcase, please help

  8. Guess says:

    The Show

  9. David says:

    but how do I apply it

  10. meida says:

    What to do with the yellow thing.

    How to use the bookshelf codes.

  11. playtpus says:

    Re: The bookcase… Show

  12. Megan says:

    The Walkthrough

    You have now escaped!