Speed V1 – Lift Escape

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Speed V1 - Lift EscapeIf you are looking on a frustrating / 123Bee-like game, give a try to Speed V1 – Lift Escape,  the latest Room Escape game from Gazzyboy; “you have been locked inside a moving lift by terrorists and they have planted a bomb in the lift.” Diffuse the bomb if you can! Have fun!

Speed V1 – Lift Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Speed V1 – Lift Escape video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Speed V1 – Lift Escape

  1. Aneske says:

    Anybody playing? Found some itmes that I used, but stuck now?

  2. Aneske says:

    And out – very difficult, checked the escape 24 site for help

  3. sandman says:

    Could you please post the walkthrough here?

  4. dg says:

    Got Show

    Opened Show

    All the above not too difficult (you’ve got to click in doubtful points ;-).
    Now stuck.

  5. Prid says:



    I really hope you all people like this Walkthrough. I didn’t like this game at all, but I hope this helps you get through it, at least. And also keep in mind that this Walkthrough was written yesterday, but Enjoy!

    Type: Detailed Walkthrough | 10-Steps
    Written By: Prid

  6. dg says:

    @Prid: thanks! That was very helpful. I have 2 questions, if I may:

    1. You write that you don’t know why Show

    is the code to defuse the bomb. Then how did you find it?

    2. How did you know that you have to Show

    Did you just guess?

  7. Prid says:

    @dg: The Bomb Code was a guess by me. Pure Luck (Started on 1000, and moved up)!

    First, I just guessed that you have to turn 6666 upside down, and substract with 134, but then I got it: “If you click on Top of the Elevator Door, you can see: Totalt floor-134. If you change Total floor with 9999, you get 9999 – 134 = 9865”

    Hope it helped :)

  8. Prid says:

    Here is the VIDEO WALKTHROUGH!


  9. Ben says:

    How does one ‘diffuse’ a bomb, anyway? Do we have some sort of bomb permeable membrane (ack! My fleeeesh!) or a gradient of bomb concentrations that naturally stabilize?

    Oh…. DEFUSE. Right.

  10. dg says:

    @Prid: thanks for the explanation.

    So, it’s one of those games where you have to guess some mysterious number. I just checked, and you can enter up to 19 digits as a code to defuse the bomb! So, unless you are as lucky as Prid, there is no reasonable chance that you will get to it. I played it again and could not find a clue to the code. There are 2 circuits just above the code panel, and the left one has the numbers 16, 17, 18. Maybe these lead to the code, but I don’t know how. I also checked on EG24, and with over 200 posts, nobody there knows why it’s this particular number, but they’re all grateful to Prid for providing the code.