Chess Room Escape

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Chess Room EscapeChess Room Escape is the twelveth Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “Sometimes in Chess, if there is no other solution, it is better to just escape the situation and attack later. Escape the room!” Yeah, if you play the white pieces, you definitely want to escape! Have fun!

Chess Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Andy!)

By Eric

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11 Comments to Chess Room Escape

  1. Aneske says:

    anybody playing? Stuck with Show

  2. Aneske says:

    And out … Hint Show

    use Show

  3. Bogdan says:

    I’ve obtained Show

    but i I have no idea what to do with it.
    Could anyone help me?

  4. hilman says:

    wow, thanks aneke

    btw, you’re right.. after i’ve done what you said, the rest was easy.. :)

  5. dg says:

    @Aneske – thanks!

  6. goldie says:

    Out, was not so easy, but thnx for posting.

  7. bosco says:

    I dont like playing these anymore….noone writes hints anymore. All they say is “OUT” but dont explain how they did that.

  8. Anonymouse says:


  9. Andy says:

    How do you get into the bedroom? I don’t see a bed.

  10. Andy says:

    Nevermind… didn’t realize that’s what I was looking at.

  11. Andy says: