Butterfly Room Escape

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Butterfly Room EscapeTutterfly Room Escape is the eleventh Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “Escape the room full of deadly butterflies. If you stay too long with them in the room they will release the poisonous gas in the air and this is deadly to you. You cannot kill them either…” How scary! Have fun!

By Eric

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11 Comments to Butterfly Room Escape

  1. Em says:

    nice little game

  2. steve says:

    cant find where to use the hammer or matches

  3. Caty says:

    Use hammer on black hole at piano side – side near wall

  4. Caty says:

    Find hammer, 2 matches, butterflynet to catch 4 butterflies,magnet. Combined and uset to get key. Out :)

  5. Caty says:

    … and glue …

  6. steve says:

    where does magnet go

  7. Caty says:

    Try to combine things in the inventory

  8. dg says:

    If you need help, click the “help” to the right of the inventory to see a video WT.

  9. Marina says:


  10. Patricia says:

    Can’t find the second match…

  11. Patricia says:

    Nm, I’m out!