Gift of Christmas Escape

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Gift of Christmas EscapeGift of Christmas Escape is the ninth Room Escape game from Games2Rule. On Christmas Eve, your parents have bought you a gift. As you are eager to open it, you decide to find out the gift while your parents are asleep. Don’t get caught or you will regret it! Have fun!

Gift of Christmas Escape walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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23 Comments to Gift of Christmas Escape

  1. Scout88 says:

    Hmm, it’s hard to find things when you can’t touch anything that makes noise!

  2. Sindi says:

    the only things that really can b moved are the color puzzle on the floor n the clock in the living room n i got a book with a bunch of codes ……stuck!

  3. Sindi says:

    ok found a key in the stockin all the way 2 the left and its for the second room upstairs n stuck again i think that the colors on the tree and on the bollons have something 2 do w the puzzle in the first room but dk

  4. Scout88 says:

    There is a Show

  5. Scout88 says:

    Make that the first stocking.

  6. Sindi says:

    Scout have do u know how 2 arrange the colors on that lil puzzle in the first room?

  7. Scout88 says:

    Not a clue!

  8. Sindi says:

    did u try the clock?

  9. Scout88 says:

    No luck there either. Can’t see any pattern to all those numbers in the book.

  10. Sindi says:

    yea i cant seem to figure it out i thought that it would have 2 b 3 numbers since it has the 3 different time zones but i cant get anythin

  11. Sindi says:

    k found a locker but i dk how 2 open it

  12. slive2k says:

    Where is the locker?

  13. Anonymouse says:

    locker- Show

    looks like the locker needs a key

  14. slive2k says:

    Great find. thank you. Still unsire abotu the colors for the Tower of hanoi. Tried to duplicate the balloons. No luck.

  15. Marina says:


  16. Marina says:


  17. slive2k says:

    Tried your list of the rings on the right and the left but no luck…

    do the 3 dots on the left have to be a certain color?

  18. slive2k says:

    maybe my order is wrong.

    Were you listing them from top to bottom or bottom to top?


  19. Prid says:



    I hope you really enjoy this walkthrough, even though the game wasn’t that fun to play… I don’t know what more to say, just ENJOY, ENJOY & ENJOY!

    Type: Simple Walkthrough [5 Steps]
    Time Used: 20 Minutes [More or Less]
    Written By: Prid

  20. slive2k says:

    Figure it out…

  21. nokra says:

    Thanks as always for the walkthrough, Prid.
    I worked on it before your help and after it is all figured out with very good instructions, I still closed the game after 5 frustrating minutes! I don’t waste my time if it is that irritating! this game maker’s earlier games were pretty good but this one …forget it!

  22. R.J. says:

    This game is too frustrating for me. But I did like the soundtrack, As it gives off an inviting atmosphere(however, this kid is supposed to be what 14 now lol).

  23. Vincent_darkwood says:

    well that was easy with the walkthrough… but i don’t see how i was supposed to figure out