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RoomsRooms“One of this year’s Independent Games Festival (IGF) Student Showcase winners, Rooms by HandMadeGame is a clever mix of point-and-click and puzzle elements that together create an engaging game play experience.” (Read the complete review here).

Developed by Kim JongHwa of Seoul, South Korea, Rooms is a very impressive puzzle game, but the first release of the game hosted on one of CasualGameplay servers was a bit buggy.

Jay announced yesterday that the final bug-free version is online and all 14 levels are now playable.

With 21MB to download, expect to wait several minutes before the game starts…

Have fun!

By Eric

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17 Comments to Rooms

  1. Michelle says:

    OMG nearly loaded and then it crashed, just left with a completely black screen now

  2. nobody says:

    Really good game!
    Im stuck on level 14 for a couple of hours!

  3. meh says:

    yeah! it loads to a black screen! wow…how fun. I like black screens!

  4. nobody says:

    made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. carm says:

    you need to save it then open it. If you go to Jay is games you can get walkthroughs for 1-12 and passwords to go directly to 13 & 14

  6. Blake says:

    I am the first person to completely beat it! By the way excellent game!

  7. jjjjjj says:

    made it to the end

  8. samantha rachel harvey says:

    i find this game excellent

  9. Rp says:

    It’s agood game but it killed my brain

  10. shadou66 says:

    Looks like this may be a great game but it keeps turning off my computer, and I mean shuts the whole system down, blink, power off. Very strange. At first I thought it was my rig but it only does it with this game. Anyone else having any problems like this or suggestions on possible reasons, I’d really like to play more than one or two levels of this game.

  11. spaleween says:

    Aargh, I’m in level 12 and then the arrow keys don’t work. I can’t move the character!
    I love this game, though. ^^

  12. mr. beer says:

    Not loading… a big black screen

  13. Jon A says:

    Okay I guess I got a big black screen too????

  14. somebody says:

    All I did when my screen turned black was click it and it started. I don’t know if it will work for u though.

  15. Boris says:

    Graphics arent great but an Awesome game, finished it rather quickly but level 14 took me part of the time to pass…I did as well get the black screen when I first loaded it, but I reloaded and it worked fine for me……

  16. Dietmar says:

    Level 13:
    where to find the O2?

  17. cfatic says:

    I got the black screen thing too. tried to click the screen but nothing happened