Ultra-Violet Gallery

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Ultra-Violet GalleryIn the Room Escape game Ultra-Violet Gallery, you find yourself locked in a famous modern art gallery. “There are puzzles and hidden clues in the artwork to help you.” Well, all I can say is that these clues are very well hidden!  Have fun!

Ultra-Violet Gallery walkthrough (thanks Ellie!)

By Eric

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36 Comments to Ultra-Violet Gallery

  1. mandy says:

    Anybody playing? foundShow

  2. Andy says:

    I found four (one was behind the flower puzzle – you just have to click the flowers in the right order). But yeah, I’m pretty lost here.

  3. nokra says:


  4. nokra says:

    remember spoiler tags…

  5. mandy says:

    I found that one as well but still stuck on what to do with them

  6. Ellie says:

    There is a key

  7. Ellie says:

    Actually, to find key

  8. nokra says:

    Thanks, ellie…don’t see where to use it, though

  9. nokra says:

    Has anyone solved Show

  10. Andy says:

    The keyhole: Show

  11. nokra says:

    I have 5Show

    I’m stuck still

  12. nokra says:

    @andy how do you find Show


  13. Ellie says:


  14. nokra says:

    Oh, sorry , I was still thinking of the 4 squares picture…got the key!Show

  15. dg says:

    There is a symbol in the Show

  16. Anonymouse says:

    could the four square picture have something to do with- Show

  17. Andy says:

    I have all six. There’s one that’s kinda tough to find Show

    , but I still don’t know what to do.

  18. nokra says:

    Thanks dg…do you know what to do with them?

  19. dg says:

    There are Show

    And there is also a Show

  20. nokra says:

    I hear you anonymouse butShow

  21. Ellie says:

    To solve the square puzzle

  22. Anonymouse says:

    i meant: Show

    but the answer is:Show

  23. nokra says:

    @ ellie…Thanks, for that! Show

  24. dg says:

    @Ellie: Thanks!! Your hint helped me solve it, but the orientation disappeared, so I don’t remember the solution.
    Now you need Show

  25. Andy says:

    Which square represents which fish though?

  26. Ellie says:

    The solution to square pictures:


  27. dg says:

    … and out, thanks to Ellie and Andy. That’s a really nice game!

  28. Ellie says:


  29. nokra says:

    I used other similar picture as guide to place the symbols….out
    Very nice game…too bad I needed sooo much help…

  30. Ellie says:



  31. nokra says:

    Thanks everyone for help!
    Posting is taking ages…more time than playing the games…

  32. Andy says:

    Thanks Ellie!

  33. Ellie says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for your help everyone! I enjoyed this game. Quite short, but took some thinking time.

  34. Xx nikki xX says:

    is any one playing?

  35. Knotaklu says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to al your family and friends.

  36. Penny says:

    thanks Ellie, i didn´t know how to place the suns!!!!!
    great game!