Gridz (Grid 2.0)

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Gridz (Grid 2.0)Gridz aka Grid 2.0 is the sequel to Grid, a puzzle game developed by Chris Sheeler and Jeremiah Lapointe. The goal remains unchanged: create a power flow to supply power to ALL glyphs in the play area. Now with two kinds of power, Gridz is even better than the original! Have fun!

By Eric

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5 Comments to Gridz (Grid 2.0)

  1. Sol says:

    Thanks a lot for the information! Loved the first game.
    The fact that there now are two powers adds a new twist indeed.
    But I liked the graphics of the first one better (yes, these are clearer to distinguish, but not as stylish :D).

  2. Sol says:

    Phew … racing through the first levels made me think this one was going to be easier. Just you wait until the “twenties” ;)

  3. Sol says:

    Me again … Does anybody know of a walkthrough? Stuck on level 32 – aaargh.

  4. ejolie says:

    I am stuck in the same place Sol!

  5. Sol says:

    ejolie: I finally found a way … Wonder if there’s a way to post photos here?