666 Escape

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666 Escape666 Escape is the eighth Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “You knew too much about them. They have kidnapped you and They are trying to make you go crazy in this evil room! Save yourself and escape the room!” Have fun!

666 Escape walkthrough (thanks osmodiar!)

By Eric

current rating 3.11


12 Comments to 666 Escape

  1. osmodiar says:

    Found a file Show

  2. osmodiar says:

    Can zoom in on several spots but so far can’t find anything else. Don’t seem to be any navigation tricks like there usually are.

  3. osmodiar says:

    eg24 found Show

    and Show

    Put the Show

  4. osmodiar says:

    Walkthrough, with much help from eg24

    Not up to their usual standards of graphics and the hot spots were hard to find.

  5. ubub says:

    There’s something else at the head of the bed:

  6. cig says:

    don’t know why, but i just collected: file, magnesium and string.
    than i was putting together Show

    dragged it to the door
    and boom i’m out…

  7. Knotaklu says:

    Too quick,expected something moreShow

  8. I love the cinema touch and feel to the graphics. Just adds drama to the effects. But it’s a bit tough to get what your looking for(i.e. another pixel hunting scavenger hunt).

  9. Quazy says:

    Cig stumbled onto a bug in the game, you don’t even need the bomb. I was able to do the same thing.

  10. Sindi says:

    All u have 2 do is file n mag…make the spark n just put it on the main door n your out..pretty easy but finding the 3 things is a little hard

  11. dg says:

    In osmodiar’s WT: Show

  12. carlene b nitkowski says:

    Where is the load button?]