Escape from Hotel Catastrophe

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Escape from Hotel CatastropheEscape from Hotel CatastropheEscape from Hotel Catastrophe is the latest Room Escape game created by Rosiana Dharmadi.

A big earthquake happened while you were staying in a hotel.

You worry about your family members left on the first floor, but you are locked in your room.

First thing first, find your key-card and open the room door (which is totally weird, because you will never have to use your key-card to exit an hotel room in real life! )

Anyway, once in the corridor, walk around and look for useful items. Hurry, the building is about to collapse!

Have fun!

Escape from the Hotel Catastrophe video walkthrough!

By Eric

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54 Comments to Escape from Hotel Catastrophe

  1. sister2 says:

    I can’t find the last secret. Please help

  2. Robby the Tubad S3 says:

    the secret passage is really strange

  3. nijjar says:

    yay found all 40 secrets and the secret passage was awesome

  4. try and guesswho i am >_ says:

    sheesh the only thing most of you are actualy talking about r secrets! wats the big deal?