Porch Escape

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Porch EscapeBy Cogito Ergo Sum, the author of the series Follow the Feed Escape, here is Porch Escape, another Room Escape game involving a cute cat trapped inside a room. I have a feeling it won’t be easy to get of this place… Have fun!

By Eric

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21 Comments to Porch Escape

  1. Andy says:

    I don’t know what the hint means.

  2. k says:

    i think the passcode has something to do with Show

    but that’s just a guess. can’t really figure anything out.

  3. ff04oon says:



  4. mandy says:

    Anybody know the code for the skill stand?

  5. daber says:


    …can’t figure out the code, help anyone?

  6. Moorooroo says:

    Look at the symbols on the letter on the fence.


  7. BigDaadee says:

    I think that the shapes Show

  8. Scout88 says:

    I got it!! The code for the red skill stand: Show

  9. BigDaadee says:

    Sorry – Can’t edit the one above and fix the spoiler tags… ugh!

  10. Scout88 says:

    So the red skill stand code is: Show

  11. Scout88 says:

    I’m out already with normal end, so I guess I missed something.

  12. Scout88 says:

    Apparently there are 3 different ends. I’m working on the hard one now.

  13. titania says:

    PC password is Show

  14. Scout88 says:

    Figured it out – got happy end! Not gonna write walk-through, but will help as needed.

  15. titania says:

    Tool box code is Show

  16. Scout88 says:

    Final code on computer to open door. Those memos look awfully confusing! Show

  17. Marina says:


  18. Andy says:

    For the normal end:
    First you need in the toolbox. Get the mallet.Show

    The final code is: Show

    I’m not sure why or how the logic works, I just tried items from the red book and that was my second guess.

  19. osmodiar says:

    There’s another memo with a hintShow

    but I can’t figure out how that helps with the final code for the normal end.

  20. Scout88 says:

    osmodiar- The memo under the sofa is used for the normal end that Andy explained above.
    Easy end: Show

    Normal end: Show

    Hard end: Show

  21. alalala says:

    hahahaha the happy ending is just priceless, the eyes of dog and cat when they find the snacks made me laugh out loud, they look like drugged!!hahaha