Magic Pipes

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Magic PipesIf you are looking for an original and different puzzler, give a try to Magic Pipes, a game created by Veeven from Malaysia where you have to use different-shaped pipes to link the energy-pods in each level (40 in total). Be warned, it’s not simple! Have fun!

Magic Pipes video walkthrough!

By Eric

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4 Comments to Magic Pipes

  1. nokra says:

    I tried this and must say that I do not like the way the items behave . It isn’t easy to manipulate the pipes so I decided it is not for me…

  2. osmodiar says:

    It’s definitely not the nicest mechanic ever. The levels also seem to jump around in terms of difficulty.
    Made it OK to Chapter 3, level 6, now stuck. Ingame walkthrough not working, searching elsewhere.

  3. dg says:

    Very interesting game! I also got stuck at chapter 3, level 6, and had to resort to the built-in WT.
    Hint for this particular level Show

    You can sometimes find simpler solutions than in the WT.

    The game could do with better interaction – an undo would be nice. Note that this is a physics-based game, and some of the solutions require the use of “virtual force”. The pieces do not always easily click in place.