Millionth Bathroom Escape

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Millionth Bathroom EscapeMillionth Bathroom Escape is the seventh Room Escape game released by EscapeFever. “Stuck in the bathroom – again! This time it is a Turkish bathroom – not something you have escaped before! Good luck in finding the solution to this room escape game.” Nice graphics!  Have fun!

Million Bathroom Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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25 Comments to Millionth Bathroom Escape

  1. Saso says:

    First :-)

  2. Scout88 says:

    Great graphics as always. Stuck with 3 yellow clover pieces. Looks like there are 6 altogether. Not making much progress.

  3. Scout88 says:

    There are only 5 actually. Finally found last 2. Now to figure out the code.

  4. Sukiapple says:

    Have 4 clovers. Can’t find 5th.

  5. Scout88 says:

    One is Show

    The code was actually pretty easy to figure out once they were all in place.

  6. Saso says:

    To figure out the code you must first

  7. Sukiapple says:

    Just noticed the Show

  8. Saso says:

    Stuck with final code

  9. Scout88 says:

    Saso- Do you mean like the robot made out of squares on the floor? I haven’t found any others like it with the other shapes.

  10. Sukiapple says:

    Final code

  11. Saso says:

    Yes Scout 88

  12. Sukiapple says:

    Whoops… on the final code I meant

  13. Saso says:

    pentagon anthropoid is

    circle anthropoid is

  14. Scout88 says:

    A little help with the location of the other two figures made out of shapes. I’ve looked everywhere!

  15. Scout88 says:

    Saso- You beat me to it. Thanks thay was driving me crazy!

  16. Saso says:

    Sukiapple I’ve tried all possible combinations with

    and nothing happend. Am I reading numbers wrongly?

  17. Scout88 says:

    Final code: Show

  18. Saso says:

    Thank’s Scout88

  19. CM says:

    what about the clover code?

  20. Scout88 says:

    CM- Show

  21. bosco says:

    ok scout…yur hint on the clover code doesnt help? got anything else?

  22. Scout88 says:

    bosco Show

  23. hilman says:

    i thought the code for clover is deck card.. lol..
    thanks for the clues..

  24. Ray-Ray says:

    i’m out. nice simple game. 10x!