Bubble Islands

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Bubble IslandsBubble IslandsBubble Islands is a new retro-style arcade/puzzle game launched two days ago by dot-invasion, a Swiss design/entertainment studio created in 2005 by Alexandre Renevey.

Bubble Islands is strongly inspired by Puyo Puyo, a game developed in 1991 by the Japanese company Compile.

The version currently online at the time of writing is a finalist of the 2007 IGF Festival in the Best Web Browser Game category. The game isn’t finished yet but is already playable!

Two different modes are available: the arcade mode and the puzzle mode.

Bubble IslandsThe object of the game in the arcade mode is to defeat each of your opponents in a duel by filling their grid up to the top with parasites. To do so, connect at least 4 bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. The faster you connect your bubbles, the better.

In the puzzle mode, your goal is to remove ALL the bubbles from each of the 10 islands in each level. Once you’ve completed a level, the next one is unlocked.

Move your character with the arrow keys and press the space bar to drop your bubbles and to switch them as well while falling.

I spent almost two hours playing with this game today, and overall, if the concept of Bubble Islands is not really innovative, the game is amazingly fun and addictive. The eye candy graphics and the animations are impressive, the different characters are really cute, and the game offers many challenges and a great replay value, thanks to the two game modes available and to the special characters that you can unlock and use once all the others defeated.

And wait, there is more to come. As mentioned above, the game isn’t finished yet and a new version should be released soon, with a multiplayer mode, hi-scores and a puzzle submission option! We are really looking forward to the final version!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough for the puzzle part here.

By Eric

current rating 4.33


13 Comments to Bubble Islands

  1. NiLS says:

    There is a third mode: score mode !
    Great screenshot you have there, you unlocked the hidden chars + hidden backgrounds ;)

    Good to see in “related games” our Puzzle Bobble adaptation, too :)
    Oh well, back to Bubble Islands !

    NiLS – Dot-Invasion Team

  2. JP says:

    NiLS, this game is far far away above the average quality. It’s actually amazing. Well done!

  3. Arseniy says:

    Oh, really?
    Well. It’s not original (who cares). Gameplay is way average. The really good thing is GFX and Sound and it saves actually pretty so-so gameplay. Arcade mode is pretty not clear. When I played Dr.Meanbean on Sega it was clear.
    The best game of that type I played yet is Money Idol Exchanger (or something) Neo-Geo. That is gameplay!
    So the main question is why they win independent development prize?
    The game full of standarts. And idea and sound and characters design.

  4. Eric says:

    Arseniy – I wouldn’t say that your latest game, Snake Classics, was really “original”, but it’s a nice implementation of an “old classic”. Same here; Bubble Islands is may be not very innovative, but I definitely agree with Jp, it is far above the standards of online games!
    Can’t wait to see your next one! ;-)

  5. Arseniy says:

    Yeah. I know what you mean. Hey, my opinion is not useful for marketing stuff. Could be compared with jazz musician’s opinion about pop rock or something :D
    Next one is non known. I m still very moody. A human behaviour.
    And BTW this special mode (arcade) is challenging for me… :P right now!

  6. Arseniy says:

    Ah, yes. Forgot to say. I made Snake Classic cuz I really hate all the snakes out there. They all suck. I didn’t see them all though… And I called it Classic to show the standards of what Snake game should be. I hope it will never happen again.
    I’m making games to enjoy myself with playing them but seems usually games made to show how cool you are or for money (Bubble Islands not exeptional about this I guess?).
    Yes it is way better than others. Flash games are simple minded crap mostly.
    Don’t take it too seriously.
    I’m just offending emptyness, you know… My own problems.

  7. Arseniy says:

    Damn… I m too used to Dr. Mean Bean.
    Last life…

  8. Arseniy says:

    The red demon beat all the crap out of me. I’ll try tomorrow.

  9. Arseniy says:

    OK. I bet him today from the first attempt. I made a lot of combos. Unfortunatelly there is no movie in the end :(

  10. bubisl says:

    Definately cool game. I liked it so much, created a walkthrough for the puzzle part.


    Awesome work dotinvasion.

  11. Ulysses says:


  12. riham says:

    thank youuuuuu

  13. Anna says:

    The link does not work, I need help with puzzel level1 part 7