Escape Series #1: The Car

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Escape Series 1 The CarEscape Series 1 The CarEscape Series#1: The Car is a small Room Escape Car Escape game created by Shawn Tanner, the developer behind Afro-Ninja.

“In the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there is no plot, no story and no motive. With each installment, you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible.”

Have fun!

Escape the Car walkthrough (kudos to Shawn Tanner!)
Escape the Car video walkthrough!

By Eric

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250 Comments to Escape Series #1: The Car

  1. speedy says:

    35seconds baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. matthew alcorn says:

    EYOOOO 56 SECS ^^

  3. Mike says:

    I got out in 42 seconds BEAT THAT!!

  4. Phreak says:

    12 minutes, 45 seconds!!! yeah!!!…. Man, I suck. :P
    I couldnt find the code…. I did everything else right. I had to look at the walkthrough. Where was the code?

  5. eyes shut says:

    woooooo!!! first 22 mins and 22 sec second 2mins 22sec ;)

  6. peppy says:

    yay i did it in12 seconds ,beat that you ppls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JoeBob says:

    i got stuck on the trunk. i had to cheat. WOOPS!

  8. Annie says:

    30 seconds is my time first time playing

  9. fozzie says:

    first try with walkthroygh 5:51
    2nd try withough 1:14
    3rd try 0:3

  10. sportygrl says:

    i put the key in ingnition but i still can not get out

  11. sportygrl says:

    I got out in 18 minutes 37 seconds……….I call that pretty good for my first try

  12. george says:

    out in 34 sec what now?!!!!!!

  13. colin says:

    yea i beat the second one in 20 min

  14. KARLIE. says:

    it wont let me like tape the wires :(

  15. KARLIE. says:

    okay nevermind (: i got it in 8:08 hahaha.

  16. KARLIE. says:

    whoops i ment 18:08

  17. John says:

    hey actually READ the panflit, there lies all the answers

  18. Bek says:

    Can anyone tells me how to connect the wires. I have:

    The tape

    The leaflet thing

    And I’m in the compartment with the wires,

    But how do they all fit together?

    I’ve tried clicking and stuff do I have to combine something?

  19. Bek says:

    Cancel the last question. I’ve worked it out now, How do you wrap the tape around the wires?

  20. Bek says:

    Cancel that one

    I’v worked the wires out. It seems everytime I post on here I figure something out. Oh well…

  21. Bek says:


    Not bad… Though it looks pitiful next to 0.28 seconds……..

  22. big C says:

    i did it the first time in 7 min without the use of this site

  23. Ashley Torra says:

    I beat this game in 43 seconds!! bet yu cant beat that….

  24. Yo says:

    Yes!! 17:53 minutes!!! Beat that!!

  25. fasdfa says:

    wootay . got out in 35 sec

  26. Alli says:

    i cant find the panflet.. theres no white box!!

  27. RITIRITR says:


  28. frt says:

    i beat it in 6 seconds top datb****

  29. XxBaS says:

    Can anyone tell me the walkthrough pls

  30. marcy marc says:


  31. dayton says:


  32. gh says:

    2:21 yea~~!!

  33. Tay! says:

    Ha, ive done this at least 5 times, you can doit under 2:00, if your really fast *wink wink*
    IVE DONE IT IN 1:34

  34. get me outta here says:

    im stuck its too dark to see anything under the seat what do i do?????

  35. Dewwiky The Lawn Gnome says:

    Lol, with out any walktroughs, on my first try… 27 secs!

  36. shayla says:

    alot of you need to stop lieing and tell your real time. mine was 00:13:32 first time no walkthrough. Funny thing is I didnt find the paper til later and got all wires connected and taped!

  37. stephanie says:

    yay me…… 15:30 i rock the closet took longer i took like 20 some minutes only cause my sis was on the computer when i was playing so i took me longer…. o well :)
    love ya you know who you are if you read this…..

  38. Carito says:



  39. rs says:

    8:11 biotchess

  40. RAY says:

    i have done it in 54 seconds

  41. RAY says:

    i aint lying btw bury, some ppl r justy good, u just suck at this game

  42. Jezzabelle says:

    OMG i tried like 10 times but finally got it, sooo smart!!!!!!!!!! its easy people!!!!!!!

  43. kaiser says:

    5:03…in bio class

  44. Maryha says:

    my time was 1:45 the second time i did it. i rock lol

  45. topcheese says:

    i finished it in 1 sec

  46. Ty says:


  47. why do you wanna know says:

    ohhh 2 hours!

  48. Caitlin says:

    my fastest is 55 seconds

  49. squiggledabest says:

    Who’s the Best????? People looking for a challenge try beating my all time best score.
    21 SECONDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN BEATING IT!

  50. beautifulsky says:

    15 SECONDS PPL!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!