Escape Series #1: The Car

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Escape Series 1 The CarEscape Series 1 The CarEscape Series#1: The Car is a small Room Escape Car Escape game created by Shawn Tanner, the developer behind Afro-Ninja.

“In the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there is no plot, no story and no motive. With each installment, you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible.”

Have fun!

Escape the Car walkthrough (kudos to Shawn Tanner!)
Escape the Car video walkthrough!

By Eric

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250 Comments to Escape Series #1: The Car

  1. Brad Jarrett says:

    how the hell do you get out of the car.. i have everythign but i dont’ know how to get out

  2. Some Emo Girl says:

    HOW DO YOU Get OUT????????

    The walkthrough site was supspended… =,(

  3. Natalia says:

    Escape Series #1: The Car walkthrough:


    aka. my fastest time to get out is 1.18

  4. billy bob says:

    i got out in 1.02

  5. 656656 says:

    1.00 haha better than u didnt even need walkthrough

  6. cal says:

    i did it in 1. 14 burn

  7. xXpartyboyXx says:

    58 sec. oh yeah. beat that

  8. Dakota says:

    56 seconds! WOOHOO!

  9. Usman says:

    15minutes 11 seconds woooo

  10. Natalia says:

    ha ha ha i got out in 0.59, but ive been playing it like all day!! but still ha ha ha

  11. farsight says:

    time to beat 0.48

  12. in ur face says:

    hahahhahahahhahahhahahh 50 seconds

  13. nicole says:

    can someone help me i can’t find the panflit

  14. matt says:

    yo i beat it in 40 secs beat dat!!! WOOO!!!!!

  15. reece says:

    i cant get the panflit how the hell you get to top of seat:S:S:S

  16. bob says:

    woow 20 min!!!!

  17. g says:

    49 seconds go me!!!!!!!!!

  18. g says:

    nicole, click just above the rear seats between window and seat

  19. me says:

    whats the ceiling for?

  20. rrrrrrrrr says:

    ive got the key but it wont let me put t in the ignition wot do i do?

  21. rrrrrrrrr says:

    neva mind i did it in 33:10

  22. rrrrrrrrr says:

    woooooooooooooooooo go me go me i did it in55 seconds

  23. ffggs says:

    i did it in 38 seconds

  24. cody says:

    my fastest s 1:16

  25. nick says:

    how do you get the code

  26. SOME GUY says:

    28 seconds yea!!!!!!!

  27. Andrew says:

    Oh yeah i beat in 18 seconds no way any of you can beat that

  28. Jess says:

    i dont get how to put the key in the ignition.

  29. R++Prison Break ROX!!!!++T says:

    23 seconds
    thanx nat 4 da walkthrough

  30. _fishfry_ says:

    I beat it in 7 seconds all you have to do is type out g1836u48945l4983i874b47l39e49

  31. Guppy says:

    What do I do after I get the key from the trunk?

  32. Matt says:

    the “top back seat” is actually the roof… click the part of the roof visible when facing the back. I thought it ment the flat part on top of the trunk where the rear window comes down at a slant… oh well, done now!

  33. essej says:

    how do u see wats in the trunk?

  34. WEEEEEE says:


  35. lechuckGL says:

    Click spots shouldn’t be that tricky…it took me a long time and some luck to find the roof with the hidden panflit…

  36. the caminater says:

    in the trunk use the flashlight, it took me forever to figure out the roof thing..

  37. Nick says:

    I beat it in 17 sec Show

  38. Nick says:

    Wow ya i highly doubt you guys beat it in like 20 sec thats impossible
    But my record is 1:02

  39. Bob says:

    I just beat it in 1 min. 11 sec.

  40. Dana says:

    The code part was easy, the only part that got me stuck was the roof patch, I put all the wires together instead of only some

  41. Cody says:



  42. ChrisXPZ says:

    5:32 1st try (no walkthrough)
    1:36 2nd try Show

    1:10 3rd try :D Show

  43. anne says:

    how do you get out

  44. anne says:

    i tryied to get the key in but it dosn’t do anything. HELP ME

  45. BK says:

    i can tape the wires HELP

  46. BK says:


  47. freakin awesome says:

    I did it in 12 seconds and you guys think 18 seconds is good, psh!

  48. DaVe says:

    :(i don’t know where to put the key….where is the ignition!!!!

  49. doggy doo says:

    hello i did wat _fisyfry_ said and i got it in

    wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo
    A.K.A. ta ta for now

  50. eplayer says:

    1:50 without walk