D’s One More Candy

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D's One More CandyD’s One More Candy is the latest Room Escape game created by Doradora (D’s The Old Times, D’s Star Festival Story, D’s Hide-and-Seek, D’s Sakura and many more). “Halloween night, I ran out of candy to give to the child who came to get candy. Look for candy for him in a house.” Have fun!

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By Eric

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36 Comments to D’s One More Candy

  1. Em says:

    going to try it now!

  2. Em says:

    can´t figue out code for the box..

  3. Me says:

    the code for fridge is Show

  4. Em says:

    anyone figured out code for the box?

  5. nokra says:

    I love this game but not getting very far quickly.
    does anyone know what we use the pliers on?

  6. nokra says:

    I have 1&3 of puzzle. pliers, 16 jack-o-lanterns, and a blue ball.
    The cat picture makes noises when you click but after that I am stuck.

  7. nokra says:

    btw, is that a cat in the cupboard left of fridge?

  8. Cele says:

    Hi everybody :-)

    I thought the code for the box Show

    But sadly enough it didn’t work.

  9. Cele says:

    The cat pictureShow

    If you Show

  10. nokra says:

    Cele, how did you translate that to the shapes on the box? It seems like you are getting somewhere but I don’t follow…

  11. Cele says:


  12. titania says:

    The code for the box is Show

  13. nokra says:

    Thanks, cele for the cat hint…I’ll be back, got a hungry husband asking for supper, LOL

  14. Cele says:

    Wow, great. Thanks, Titania :-)

  15. mr. P says:

    No titania, it’s not the number of right angles, it’s the number of wheels.

  16. Cele says:

    So now I have Show

  17. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    I think I figured out what the clues for the box mean:


  18. Titania says:

    You have to put your candys into the Show

  19. Cele says:

    That seems absolutely logical, A Leg :-)

  20. Cele says:

    Thank you so much, Titania. I didn’t even see that before. :-)

    But I still wonder, what the Show

  21. nokra says:

    Well, I am missing Show

    or am I just missing the point?

  22. nokra says:

    Thanks titania, I didn’t seeShow


  23. Ralf says:

    out. what was a part of note for?? (got it from the diary)

  24. Titania says:

    you are missing theShow

  25. chickie says:

    for second ball

  26. nokra says:

    Super! Titania! thanks!
    I was clicking inside…was never gonna work that way…

  27. nokra says:

    I’ll play again later…only had 18 but it says we need 20 friends.
    Didn’t do anything with the note…anybody else ?
    Thanks for all the help all..

  28. Cele says:

    also couldn’t find any use for the notes. Out with 19. Thank you all for the help :-)

  29. nokra says:

    Oh, bloody hell that was a tough one!
    Finally, the car picture is the final puzzle.
    and did everyone get Show

  30. nokra says:

    For the car puzzleShow

    Then you get to party!

  31. Andy says:

    Nokra – Show

    What’s the final code though?

  32. Kayla says:

    Final Code:

  33. This game is way to shardy for me. Why on Earth won’t he take the candy. Reminds me a lot of my cat. Ugh! I got a headache…

  34. sssone says:

    thanks for everyone’s help, I would never have worked this one out myself.

  35. Mandy says:

    can anybody help me with the cats on the shelf and the mouse in the cupboard?

  36. Jeanne says:

    What do you do with the boom box?