Trick or Treat ’09

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Trick or Treat '09Trick or Treat ’09 is the latest Room Escape game by Twinkle, the author of Undoukai, Keirou, Escape of Romeo and Juliet, Panda Escape, June Bride, Sleeping Beauty, Chika-Chan Escape, Celebration Escape, Escape of Purple Room 5 and many more. Have fun!

By Eric

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9 Comments to Trick or Treat ’09

  1. charlotte says:

    ok. what is it?

  2. noo its down Show

  3. meh says:

    all in japanese….

  4. I don’t get it. There’s not one walkthrough online he…he. The music seems a bit more Christmasy then Halloweenish.:)

  5. Em says:

    Out! funny game I think

  6. dg says:

    There might be a anguage problem – there’s some Japanese writing in a couple of the books. Hint: Show

  7. dg says:

    Found key: Show