Demolition City 2

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Demolition City 2Demolition City 2 is a physics-based puzzle game created by Joey Betz where your mission is to demolish buildings all over the world. To do so, uses different explosives wisely on buildings or towers and take them down under the goal line. Respect the environment, and… have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.77


3 Comments to Demolition City 2

  1. Tasselfoot says:

    Another game I was given the opportunity to assist on, both on gameplay polish and doing the in-game walkthrough.

    Got a chance to talk with Joey a bunch the past few days about the game, and I’m really happy with the improvements and flare that this game has over the 1-week first game. You can see the extra time and effort put into it, whereas the first shows that only a week went into it.

  2. Grootmoeder says:

    oh, nice a puzzle game

  3. Andy says:

    Very cool. I like it.