Bear’s Life

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Bear's LifeBear's LifeAfter Remake – Who Am I?, Smile for Me, The Wedding Anniversary, Gift – Who am I?, Escafe and Kid’s Room, here is the seventh Room Escape game from Robamimi, Bear’s Life!

You play a bear today, and you really want to go fishing, mostly because bears love fish!

Bear’s Life is only available in Japanese, but it shouldn’t stop you from playing this beautiful game!

Robamimi, another source of very good escape games!

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 4.15


28 Comments to Bear’s Life

  1. Eric says:

    Server is unavailable at the time of posting, please use the alternative link!

  2. monte says:

    i am outside the first room and opened the briefcase, but i am stuck trying to move the battery

  3. monte says:

    got the bear to put battery in the boat, now i am computer thing trying to figure out the passcode. I think it has to do with the numbers from under theplants on te first room

  4. monte says:

    finally out

    hint for last code

  5. Alexa Karuda says:

    How did you open the briefcase? That’s the only thing I can’t figure out.


  6. Alexa Karuda says:

    POP. Found the code for the briefcase: Show

  7. Alexa Karuda says:

    Oh my gosh, what sad endings! The main character (the player) is visiting his dad because his parents are separated. :(

    First ending:Show

    Second ending:Show

    This one is a little bit happier, but it still is sad watching the dad! :(

  8. Anemic says:

    Nice game. Far too short. Navigation a tiny bit awkward. It took me a while to find the second staircase.

  9. Me2 says:

    Loved this game! Great graphics and just hard enough for me to enjoy without getting too frustrated. Thanks!

  10. Mandy says:

    I have no idea what to do!!!! I have only found the fishing reel and fishing box and I dont wnow what to do with them….Help

  11. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    ya same here mandy! help people! lol

  12. Fayyth says:

    Okay you need to get the key to the back porch so you need to unlock the little green box

    once you get outsideShow



  13. CJ says:

    how do you get bear to move battery?

  14. Fayyth says:

    you Show

  15. CJ says:

    found it as usual after posting. still can’t figure out the gate code

  16. sssone says:

    I can’t reach the letter,
    and my code for the computer is also not working, even after using the hint. anyone else having trouble?

  17. hilman says:

    @Alexa Karuda
    is it really the story of the game?
    so, actually we’re playing as the little bear?
    when the papa bear shook his head to give the key, is it actually because he didn’t want his kid to go back home, so the little bear had to feed papa bear, so he knocked up with full stomach..
    then papa bear helped little bear to pick up the battery after the little bear gave him a jar of honey?

    wow.. this is really really sad… :(

  18. hina says:

    hello can anyone tell me the briefcase code i dont how to work out on that

  19. Seti says:

    Click on the briefcase and it will fall down, it will reveal a picture code – a bottle, a fish and a flower. Count all objects and you have your code.

  20. Lorena says:

    it makes a different ending if you Show

    I wish I knew what the conversations are at the end..

  21. Reka says:

    I was almost afraid to play this after the review called it “very good”, but it turns out this one is actually pretty good, unlike that “Sep.” offering by Mydia.

  22. Sobby says:

    Hey can’t find the gate i’ve got up to bear puttin battery in boat now what!?

  23. SeriousSam says:

    hmm still lookin d’no what 2 do! so stuk!

  24. Em says:

    Cant play…the game doesn´t load..not on the alternative link either..?

  25. Itolihe says:

    I love the bad ending more…if the kid didn’t get the letter,

  26. manami says:

    the letter says “to my loving wife”
    baby bear goes home and explains he’s later because papa didn’t want him to leave (this is the meaning even if in Japanese it said he “didn’t give him back”) the letter’s content is papa apologizing and saying he’ll never cheat again and would like to return home
    baby bear asks what’s inside the letter. then mama bear says to baby bear “seems that papa knows that he made a mistake. let’s go pick up papa tomorrow”

    and the comment above made me smile, because in the whole world, no matter what country, there are so many wives that forgive cheating as long as the husband stays with them. they don’t want to divorce (for various reasons, but this would be a long discussion). so while I agree that papa bear cheating isn’t nice, some people consider “going to dinner” as cheating as well even if nothing more happened, so let’s hope that papa bear hasn’t gone any further than that and just wanted to apologize because mama bear was said about this.
    so we can have a happy family : D