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WeirdvilleWeirdvilleWeirdville is a new platform game released today by the talented team from Romania behind Gamesheep.

The object here is to use your skill to collect as many coins as you can in each level, while avoiding traps and other obstacles. Reach the red signpost to go to the next level and don’t forget to read the password for the current level on each “pass” signpost.

Use the arrow keys to move, climb or jump and press k to restart a level (and lose a life!).

Weirdville is nicely done and includes some special features like bubbles to float on water, blocks that can be moved or trampolines to perform high jumps. On the downside, the music loop is far too short and repetitive and controls could have been more polished.

Overall, Weirville is a fun game that should keep you busy for a while.

Have fun!

All passwords (bonus: hidden level 0!)

By Eric

current rating 4.38


77 Comments to Weirdville

  1. Turner says:

    how do i beat level 4 ….. please help

  2. IamAperson says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeese Help me get past level 9 i can get the bubble but cant gt any further! please help me

  3. fernanda says:

    level 4: Show

    level 5: Show

  4. Stephie says:

    Please!!!!i need password level 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!:'(

  5. Carla says:

    I had been trying to find passwords for all of the levels before I beat the game but I had no luck, so I figured I should post them here in case anyone else is looking for them.

    2 – x4ru, 3 – b8cr, 4 – pa55, 5 – lxx9, 6 – bhlu, 7 – 99ff, 8 – bg34, 9 -nfdl, 10 g5tr

    Have fun!

    PS. If anyone wants to know how to get the the left side of the screen of level 9, try jumping over the blocks that go all the way to the top edge of the screen.

  6. Cath says:


  7. McKenzie says:

    How do i pass level 10 i cant get pass the red blocks?? help PLZ:]

  8. shane says:

    i can’t even get out in lvl2
    please Hellp me!

  9. jayme says:

    i dont know any of u but here are all of the passwords…

  10. SweetGirl3 says:

    How do you pass level 6? It is REALLY hard! And how do you find the passwords and use them?

  11. mithoauau says:

    After level 10 there is no level any more ……10 is the last level

  12. mithoauau says:

    Level 1 Show

    Level 2 Show

    Level 3 Show

    Level 4 Show

    Level 5 Show

    Level 6 Show

    Level 7 Show

    Level 8 Show

    Level 9 Show

    Leve 10 Show

    Level 10 is the last level

  13. Christina says:

    Heyy I know something cool
    Level 0 = H1D3
    it works NO LIE
    try for yourself… its a really easy, cool and point making level

  14. randomperson says:

    I just skip levels! I went from being stuck on level 6 and i skipped to level 7 then to level 8!

    (though i still got stuck :( )

  15. randomperson says:

    why do u lot bother with it? why not go on ball in trouble or frizzle fraz… even hamnster is a better game than this! :P

  16. anom says:

    can i have the password for level 0???

    • bob says:

      what the hell are the passwords for!!! every time I tipe in the passwords nothing happens!! and than I play the game perfectly fine with out them!! can someone please explain to me how to use them and what the hell are they for!!!!

  17. Abi Ashton says:

    level 0 Show

    level 1 Show

    level 2 Show

    level 3 Show

    level 4 Show

    level 5 Show

    level 6 Show

    level 7 Show

    level 8 Show

    level 9 Show

    level 10 Show

  18. Tommy20 says:

    every time i use the level 0 code i go 2 level 1

  19. Joe says:

    Level 0 Show

  20. lana reid says:

    do one of you lot have son cheat for frizzal fraz??????? plz i want some now!!!!!

  21. valon says:

    what i do with the red blocs?