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silversphereSilversphereSilversphere is the latest puzzle game developped by Damien Clarke, the author of The Missile Game 3D.

The game borrows some concepts from Sokoban: the object in each of the 25 levels is to enter the blue vortex with your silver sphere, while avoiding falling in water or being hit by moving gold spheres. To reach the exit vortex, push boxes around to clear paths and build bridges: only box can be pushed at a time.

Use the arrow keys to control the silver sphere and stay on the land or you will have to restart the level.

You will also find ice cubes in later levels that slide until they hit an obstacle or fall in water.
In several levels, your first objective is to load the claws with a box to make the vortex appear. Blue claws require ice cube!

To spice things up, the author added a countdown timer: run out of time and you will have to restart the level.

If the graphics and animations are nicely polished, the music loop is far too short and annoying: the mute button will be your friend!

Overall, Silversphere is a more than interesting choice for all Sokoban fans!

Have fun!

Update: passwords in comment #1. Walkthrough in comment #118.

Update: Silversphere video walkthrough!

By Eric

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  1. Muskar says:

    (Passwords for all levels are put inside spoilers).
    My best times for the levels (time left):
    level 01 Password: Origin
    level 02 Show

    level 03 Show

    level 04 Show

    level 05 Show

    level 06 Show

    level 07 Show

    level 08 Show

    level 09 Show

    level 10 Show

    level 11 Show

    level 12 Show

    0:34 (boring level, all about waiting on AI)
    level 13 Show

    level 14 Show

    level 15 Show

    0:21 (I start with lining both wood blocks up so you can just run fast vertically down to the last 2 blocks)
    level 16 Show

    level 17 Show

    1:16 (I guess it’s the order of the blocks that matters; left, right, upper)
    level 18 Show

    level 19 Show

    0:32 (It’s about getting the ice block to the last step before you do the wood blocks)
    level 20 Show

    level 21 Show

    level 22 Show

    0:42 (I guess this can be improved by maximum a second as I am right behind the bomb when moving the last wood block out of the corner, if you could get before the bomb, the block would crack when you had to go through the stiggly path and the path to the vortex would be lost)
    level 23 Show

    level 24 Show

    1:57 (1:51 if I don’t do the lucky part)
    Here’s my secret of the first part:

    level 25 Show


    Note that I didn’t do all these in my first try, it was my best times (and yes, I am completly sure about the times I posted here)
    If you need any help with a level, or help with doing it as fast as me, please ask.
    Improvements on these times would be nice, and explanations too.

    I discovered a huge bug however, that destroys the point counting.
    As you see my best level 24 times is 1:57, that is ~9000 points. If you start at that level (by typing the password) and complete it, and when the points are counted, you press on the R button to restart the level (you will lose 500 of the points gained though, but you keep the rest) and repeat until you have as many points as you wanna complete the last level with.
    This bug should be fixed!
    I would like the author (or an editor) to fix the bug that occurs when you enter vortex before the animation is opened completely. The ball disappears and becomes immovable as it should, but the point counting window doesn’t show up, and the only thing you can do is restart the level or exit to the main menu.

  2. Muskar says:

    A small correction and addition to the lucky (1:57) part in the level 24 walkthrough.

  3. Muskar says:

    Continued from last reply:

  4. Muskar says:

    It’s annoying that you can’t edit yout replies.
    I’m sorry for posting this so much time after the game was released. I didn’t see this was an old game and the last replies was more than a month ago.

  5. Saad says:

    Hey I am stuck in level 3

  6. joe says:


  7. ryan says:

    any1 now the pass 2 level 24 i cant do level 23? help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. ryan says:

    passwords at top of page 1! i completed without

  9. John says:

    I cant get pass level 9! help

  10. lozdogz says:

    how do u pass level 69???? im stuck on it.

  11. lozdogz says:

    i mean level 68 not 69 sorry

  12. Dec says:

    please can you help with level 20, the instrutions that ‘robbo’ have said arent very clear

  13. david says:

    I am pulling my hair out on level 15!!!! I aced most of the first 14 levels but I can`t seem to solve level15!!! FIFTEEN!!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Please help!!! ****

  14. jADE says:

    please help!!! I know this sounds wimpy, but i need some help on level 6! PLease help!

  15. jADE says:

    Please help me with level 6! I need to beat it! =]

  16. jADE says:

    Level 6 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. oddy says:

    please can some one help me with level 23. Itried and tried and tried. But don’t see it

  18. shelby says:

    help with 11?????

  19. wthbrosiff59 says:


    i can send pictures of each level..

    but i need 21.. someone help?

  20. ren_031 says:

    Im stucked at lvl 22… Can anyone tell me how to solve it?? the yellow ball is too fast

  21. SyLLence says:

    How to solve lvl 22? i am stucked at that lvl… anyone?

  22. Jaimeliane says:

    :P Lol. I did level 11 with 1 second to spare! ¬¬

  23. gage says:

    i need help on level 21 please help me!

  24. leila says:

    how do u pass level 10?

  25. O C says:

    level 9 ? i kno it snds rely stupid but i rely cnt figure it out…. plase cd sum1 help me ? thnkyu

  26. dae says:

    how do i pass level 24

  27. dae says:

    impossible for level 19 to be able to do that caus when the ice cube goes across there is no space to push it down

  28. dae says:

    these results for level 19 (Move the ice block right, down, left, up, right, up, left, and finally down) are not accurate i have tried them and i ended up on the second blocked on the left side, so does someone have any accurate results that i can beat this level with PLEASE SOMEONE I AM IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. sam says:

    ahhh i need help on lvl 25 its really hard

  30. Michelle says:

    can someone help me with level 6?
    please !!

  31. smartguy says:

    Here’s the timing on level 14:

    Hope it helps!

  32. Scott says:

    I may be thick – yes I am thick but I cannot figure out level 8 and it is driving me bonkers. – can anyone help me – PLEASE!

  33. Maggie says:

    This could sound stupid, i went through level 6 like 20 times , but now i can´t figure out how to pass it!! can somebody help?!?!?

  34. laura says:

    how u do level 15 i stuck and it killing me

  35. Frustrated! says:

    HELP! I need to know how to do level 4… I know it’s probably easy for you guys that are on 23, but still help me!

  36. Ramanujam says:

    Guys Any help on Level 23, password – Pressure..i’m thoroughly confused & no ideas coming in to close this level…how do i crack this..please help

  37. Ben says:

    hey, i figured out 22, its not hard to see how it works but it is tricky to achieve without getting blown up…
    you need to be moving basically the whole time at the start at least.

    Start with moving the top right block 1 left then down into the water and then the block left into the space 1 left then head straight down to the next block which you want to move 1 left then head to the next block which you want to move 1 up, after that you need to time everything right so that the bomb can run round its track without hitting anything, the last block you can push into the water to make a shortcut, then just move all the blocks into the water in a line to the island

  38. Anonymous says:

    I did it!

  39. Silver says:

    Help on level 12 ?? please

  40. Anonymous says:

    I’m done. Need help? Just ask.

  41. Niku7a says:

    how to pass level 13?

  42. beccabee says:

    help with 9? please!

  43. Texanthrax says:

    I can’t even get TO Level 1. I don’t understand the password thing. I hit start with “origin” already there, i went to load level typed it in, then got routed back to the pre-loaded page… Nothing. The game starts but I cannot move the ball. Help.

  44. BigAl says:

    need help level 13 please.

  45. Pat Hamilton says:

    Help with 12 please