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silversphereSilversphereSilversphere is the latest puzzle game developped by Damien Clarke, the author of The Missile Game 3D.

The game borrows some concepts from Sokoban: the object in each of the 25 levels is to enter the blue vortex with your silver sphere, while avoiding falling in water or being hit by moving gold spheres. To reach the exit vortex, push boxes around to clear paths and build bridges: only box can be pushed at a time.

Use the arrow keys to control the silver sphere and stay on the land or you will have to restart the level.

You will also find ice cubes in later levels that slide until they hit an obstacle or fall in water.
In several levels, your first objective is to load the claws with a box to make the vortex appear. Blue claws require ice cube!

To spice things up, the author added a countdown timer: run out of time and you will have to restart the level.

If the graphics and animations are nicely polished, the music loop is far too short and annoying: the mute button will be your friend!

Overall, Silversphere is a more than interesting choice for all Sokoban fans!

Have fun!

Update: passwords in comment #1. Walkthrough in comment #118.

Update: Silversphere video walkthrough!

By Eric

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246 Comments to Silversphere

  1. bob jenkins says:

    hi please help with level 24!

  2. Tabatha says:

    lvl 21!! It’s been days and I still can’t beat it.!

  3. I posted some video solutions to some of the level of silvesphere in my blog. The blog is in spanish but I think you can understand. The link to solutions is:

    I’m going to update this every time that i resolve levels.

  4. megan says:

    for number 14 push the ice when the gold ball is just at the left hand top corner works every time ;

  5. Tabatha says:

    Wow. I would never of that of that for level 21. Thanks so much Carlos!

  6. John says:

    How do you get both crates net to each other in level 20

  7. John says:

    I got level 20 about 10minutes later and i also got level 21 2nd try!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. unalias says:

    level 17 is why people commit murder.

  9. pedrito77 says:

    I spent 3 hours, but I completed all 25 levels!! without any clues whatsoeve!! I want more levels!!!

  10. Roberto says:

    Yay! I just finished all 25 levels! This was a great game! Hope there’ll be more levels coming.

  11. Joe says:

    Level 17 is driving me nuts!! Can anyone tell me how to keyboard fast enough to get the top ball down and around without being hit by either of the 2 menace balls?

  12. brandon is a baby says:

    i finally beat the game……….
    it took alot of tries…………
    about 25………………
    now my fingers hurt……….
    the pain………………
    my last messege today too……..
    that it.

  13. Wardy says:

    Level 17 is Officially impossible – the gold balls are way too fast

  14. Wardy says:

    Everytme i get to the bottom left corner of the middle with the top box I get caught by the gold ball. Can’t be done surely!! level 17 is impossible

  15. jen says:

    all the help for level 17 has been jibberish to me. HELP
    i can do the left and right ones but the top one either my fingers aren’t quick enough or theres another way to do it that i don’t know. please help!

  16. Ghandi says:

    level 6?

  17. Mape says:

    number 22 is almost impossible. How fast should we go!

  18. Mape says:

    I’m still stuck on level 22. The golden sphere is faster than the silver one!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s most unfair.

  19. jenn says:

    i need help with level 23!!!!

  20. jenn says:

    never mind got it!!!

  21. Meme says:

    Eric your rules make no friggin sence!!

  22. Samantha says:

    I really need help on level 15 on the last block (square) i cant get it any where. does any one no how to move it around.

  23. Samantha says:

    I still don’t understand level 16 i’ve tried to do it loads of times and am getting fed up with it now could someone please help me.

  24. shell says:

    level 10??

  25. Sam says:

    Level 13 help please

  26. knownunknown says:

    i cant do level 17 i need help please somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. knownunknown says:

    it doesnt matter ive done level 17 no thanx for ur help!!!!!

  28. dalia says:

    level 23 people…… I need big help with level 23 PLZ

  29. Hannah says:

    HELLLPP.. level 3? TELLLLLL MEEE.. im dying

  30. ag says:

    level 10 anyone?

  31. BL says:

    I did the same than Mikey, and nothing. The bomb exploded with the first block, but the second, the one that blocks the path to the vortex, remains intact.

  32. JH says:

    Lvl 17 I agree – I can’t move my fingers quick enough

  33. gr1my says:

    Lvl. 23 is where i’m stuck. I can’t pass a certain point without turning blue… thus the password pressure i think. Somebody posted up a solution but i can’t let the bomb pass because once it gets to the block next to the ice cube, it turns blue too. Any ideas?

  34. ;p says:

    Wow thanks! I wanted to play this game to “stimulate” my mind but it was just to hard so thanks for the walk throughs without them I probably would have never got to level25!;p….so much for improving my solving skills…;p

  35. Nrdkidlol says:

    I need help with level 6 i just dont get it!!!!

  36. Sara says:

    i really need help on 17!!!!!!!!! I need like step by step instructions PLEASE! someone help! Im going crazy!
    [by the way eric, your walkthroughs helped me a lot, but you kind of got lazier in your instructions and i need a lot of help on 17 well im not sure if its bad past 17. but thx so much!]

  37. Nadine says:

    Urm i hav read ALL of your level 16 cheats and a) i dont understand IMAGE CHEATS! :) and b) i dnt understand ritin cheats has anyone got a simple way no long novel paragraphs :) if u do please tell mee!!! x.x.x

  38. Nadine says:

    Phew! its ok i did level 16 BUT NOW ITS LEVEL 20 i think its impossible how do u get the top crate to the other one so that the golden thingy can blow it up!!!!
    HELP!!! or i may forget the game and leave it :(

  39. erlybird says:

    I love this game and now that I have all the levels figured out I am going back through the game and trying to make as few mistakes as possible. I am also trying to keep track of how little time it takes me to do each one. Amazing is the fact that I have made improvements where I did not think it was possible to get any faster.

    For example, I have figured out so far:

    1. Origin – No better than :25 remaining can be left for level one…goes without saying.
    2. Metallic – This can be done without stopping with :17 left…The key is to head right just before the golden ball comes up and to move the blocks into the water quickly. Make sure that you push the blocks just far enough for them to fall in…saves a bit of time each time. I don’t see a faster way being possible.
    3. Linear – This can be done without stopping with :26 left. If you do it quickly you don’t have to stop after you push the ball into the water and get in front of the golden ball. I don’t see a faster way being possible.
    4. Fortress – Self explanatory. :24 left is as good as you can do as I see it.
    5. Active – Self explanatory. :13 left is as good as can be done as I see it.
    6. Islander –:23 left is my best. I don’t see a quicker way but with as much movement as there is I could be wrong
    7. Gauntlet – I have maximized the time left at :31 by using the left hand block to explode the top golden ball then running and pushing the right hand block immediately down without stopping and then back up to get the last block with a slight pause to get the bridge made. I was doing it a different way for a long time then I tried something different and saved 5 secs! Anyone get better? I feel bad that I have to pause at all but I can’t figure a better way.
    8. Lateral – My best is :27 left. I don’t see a better way with so little movement available.
    9. Obstacle – My best is :17 left. Once again I don’t see improvement to be made.
    10. Guidance – My best :19 left. There is just one way to do it and there is a lot of movement so I don’t know if I have done the best possible. Anyone better?
    11. Pathway – My best is :21 left. Same as the previous in that there is one way to do it and a lot of movement…is anyone faster?
    12. Sandbar – My best is :34 left. Lots of waiting. I have tried and tried to see if I can make it back past the golden ball by pushing the ice and rolling the ball at the same time but I have concluded it is impossible…am I right?
    13. Patrol – My best is :48 left. Lot of movement. I think I have maximized it. Anyone better?
    14. Capture – My best is :41 left. I don’t see much room for improvement.
    15. Confusion – My best is :16. There is one way to do it and I don’t see room for improvement.
    16. Consequence – My best time is :17. I am looking for an easier path but I can’t find one. You go through the door and close it behind you then go and do all the moving around necessary to make the bridge. I can’t get any faster but I bet there is someone out there who has improved it somehow.
    17. Parallel – Since there is one and only one way to get through and it is hard enough as it is and if you delay in even the slightest way you blow up anyway I can’t believe anyone has done much better than my best of 1:03 left. Anyone?
    18. Temple – My best is :18 left. Anyone get better? This level is always a welcome pause in the difficulty of the others around it.
    19. Courtyard – I am looking for a better track on this one. My best time is :17 left. Anyone who has done better please let us know. Its easy as there are no golden balls chasing you around but there has to be a faster track.
    20. Tunnel – My best time is :12 left. I don’t see a way to improve as there is only the one way to get it done.
    21. Traverse – My best time is :20 left. I know this can be improved upon. There is so much movement that a flawless and fast execution might save up to 5 secs I think. It’s just that at this point I don’t want to be giving 500 points away carelessly so I move a bit deliberately. Anyone know the best time possible on this one?
    22. Stampede – My best time is :22. An improvement of a few seconds might be possible but the main issue is simple being faster enough on the first lap to even get through it so I have tended to relax a bit after that is over.
    23. Pressure – My best time is :49 left. In my opinion it is the hardest of all with three absolutely flawless passages over the difficult bridge necessary for completion. The main improvement that is possible is not to stop. Anyone better?
    24. Accuracy – My best time is 1:29 left. I will bet that 1:45 is possible. Anyone care to share a secret from this?
    25. Labyrinth – My best time is :11 left. I think I am pretty close to best possible here but if anyone can show better let us know.

    So, going through these 25 levels one day, making less than 5 mistakes along the way I was able to score ~55000. Then I noticed that the high scores even for that day were in the high 60000s. Adding in the 2000-3000 pts I lost for the mistakes I was still in awe of those scores. I even saw a monthly high score in the low 80000s. How is this possible?

    I too am hoping that more levels are made for this game. It reminds me of a low-key, untimed game I used to have on my cell phone a few years back called Push-Push which required you to push “balls” into “houses” with a little guy. It had fifty levels, no ice blocks, no golden balls, but had some levels that took upwards of 400 moves in order to complete it. Great game for standing in lines. I wish I could find it again.

  40. bee says:

    need help badly on level 23…
    i did exactly the same as with the video in the beginning,.
    i pushes the icecube after the orange ball passes it.
    but then when the orange ball goes to the corner, it droppes and becomes a hole in the block.

    do you have the same problem?

  41. erlybird says:

    ok…anyone out there who can answer this for me? I just did a prefect set of 25 levels making only one small mistake on Pressure where I had to wait on the ball…so, no crashes, no flubs, no water balls. I scored ~58000. I even improved on a couple of the times I had posted before. So, my question is, how the HECK is someone scoring over 80000 and even over 120000 for the game? Are there cheats? Are they tallying more points somehow other than just completing the levels? What is going on here? It would seem to me that ~60000 is the highest possible score.

  42. hannibal says:

    I don’t know how someone is scoring over 120000 for a game. maybe it’s the creator having a little fun. But here are soem of your times on levels that I have been able to complete faster.

    13-patrol. Your time 48 My time 59
    19-courtyard. Your time 17 My time 31
    21- Traverse: Your time 20 My time 30
    25- Labyrinth: Your time 11 My time 19

    My best time so far is 57,000+ with 5 deaths.

  43. Chu Chi says:

    how do u pass level 9??? i need help

  44. elle says:

    help me ppplllllzzzzzzz on level 9 i dunno how to do it

  45. fushia112894 says:

    Okay, obviously everybody has gotten past level 10, but I can’t!! plz help!!! ****

  46. fushia112894 says:

    evel 9 is kind of tricky. Show

  47. May says:


  48. Jezmebaby says:

    After waaay too many days obsessing on 17…I fnally beat the nasty *&^$%.
    Many times I almost gave up thinking it couldn’t be done. There are no tricks to this one just accuracy and speed. There is absolutely NO margin fot error!
    Have fun storming the castle!

  49. Gina says:

    this is for Carlos… you rock. Seriously….AMAZING. Thank you so much for posting that…seeing that I will never beat 17 and have skipped it, its nice to know where the vortex would have been. ;)

  50. Bakytzhan says:

    the problem in lvl 23 is that on Quality Medium Bomb Sinks, try High or Low Quality!