Escape from Blender Art Gallery

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Escape from Blender Art GalleryEscape from Blender Art GalleryEscape from Blender Art Gallery is the latest Room Escape game from Bianco Bianco, the author of Mystery House in Japan, St 12, Rougoku, Magical Sphere Escape, Kerrochi’s Escape from the Ranch, Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Cafe and many more.

You entered the Blender Art Gallery and got dizzy while looking at a monkey statue.

Now you are trapped in the gallery. But for how long?

Have fun!

Escape from Blender Art Gallery walkthrough
(thanks Savari!)

By Eric

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12 Comments to Escape from Blender Art Gallery

  1. knotaklu says:

    Stuck.So far I have:Show

  2. nonof says:

    esy game!!

  3. Saso says:

    nice and easy. finished

  4. knotaklu says:

    OUT! Duh.
    Don’t over think this one.

  5. Rock says:

    What’s the code?

  6. lkbrianz says:

    sometimes tab key is your best friends if you can’t find anythings

  7. Savari says:



  8. Savari says:

    Found an error in my walkthrough…


    Edit: walkthrough edited…

  9. Darkstar says:

    The Link to the English version is not working Anymore
    you can play the Japanese version here

    Edit: links updated. Thanks!

  10. Darkstar says:

    I found 2 endings.

    The End/The END

    (It depends on clicking the monkey head or not, before going through
    the door.)

  11. darkgreenblue says:

    Anyone see that the Prime Numbers poster contains two numbers which are not prime?? 51 and 57. Oops!