Being One – Part Three – Dark Matter

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Being One - Part Three - Dark MatterBeing One – Part Three – Dark Matter is the third installment in Being One, a Room Escape game series created by Psionic. What horrors await as you delve deeper into the laboratory in this third part? Psionic made it “a little less of a ‘collect em up’ and tried to add more smaller logic puzzles”. Have fun!

Being One – Part Three – walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 3.80


24 Comments to Being One – Part Three – Dark Matter

  1. februarything says:

    out! love these ones.

  2. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Out! Rather a strange game, that one. Good, though.

  3. lule says:

    Wow! second again! a first for me! woohoo!

  4. lule says:

    Played the game and really needs no walkthrough. Fun to guess using the hacker device and using one’s brain to just answer simple questions. Part 4 is coming! Fun and cool that I could solve the game with NO help!

  5. Anonymouse says:

    glad that i didn’t have to search all over for the blood vials again, i always miss at least one :)

  6. Prid says:

    Awesome Graphics, And REALLY Great Game!

    NOTE: You can get Bonus Score, if you read Datapads, And find X-Rays, and other kind of stuff. However, this walkthrough does not include that kind of information, only the Main Objects!



    I really hope this walkthrough is helpful, and it’s also as you people want it! Please tell me if it was helpful or not, cause I really want to hear something about this walkthrough from you guys/girls :D

  7. DNOMN8R says:

    Sweet walkthrough Prid!

  8. Prid says:

    @DNOMN8R: Thanks, and I really hope you people like it now. Because I’ve written it the way YOU want it, and stopped the way I, did it!

  9. Eric says:

    @ Prid: YOU rock man!

  10. Prid says:

    @Eric: HOLY S**T! That was totally unexpected! I can’t believe that you’re saying those words to me O_O

    I mean, I would never expect so cool words from you, this sites author! I mean, that means a lot to me, and thank you so much Eric :D

    By the way, do you get paid for those Google Ads, or did you make this site for fun? Just wondering!

  11. DNOMN8R says:

    I don’t mind either way you write walkthroughs. Just so long as it gets me through the game…and yours always do!

  12. Prid says:

    @DNOMN8R: That’s so kind of you :D

    And I think I know the reason why my walkthroughs gets you always through games. It’s because when I write walkthroughs, I play the game I write it to! After I’m done with one move, I write it. But, when I know something is hard to find, or hard to solve, I know it is. Cause I’ve got problems with the same issue, and therefore I know I have to explain it, so I do!

    And I’ve read alot of other walkthroughs. They just write something really quick, and it’s really hard to follow what they’re telling. But, Thanks a LOT. And it seems that you’re my biggest fan (I think), and I really appriciate that (if you are)!

  13. Knotaklu says:

    In the past I’ve read the games own walkthroughs and was more confused than when I started.
    Yours are much more clearly written,and speaking for myself, I really need that.
    Sooo.If you’re thinking of getting out of the “Walkthru Biz”, a little friendly FYI.
    I Know People.
    See! I knew we could get along like reasonable folk.
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  14. Prid says:

    @Knotaklu: Wow! Thanks for the comment, I really, really appriciate it, and I loved it! That was really nice of you to say, and you’re almost as kind as DNOMN8R!

    And DON’T worry, I don’t think I will get out the Walkthrough Buisness. But sometimes, I really don’t want to write long walkthroughs, ONLY SOMETIMES! But, after reading all those people who appriciates my walkthroughs, I just can’t leave without writing a walkthrough!

    Thanks to everyone who likes my walkthroughs. It is you people, who are keeping me alive, so that I can write walkthroughs!

    And that’s very true, Knotaklue. Games own walkthroughs aren’t so helpful! And when you play 123Bee games, you just try to solve and don’t know anything. When 123Bee releases their own text walkthroughs for their games, they include the plot in the walkthrough for the game. I mean, I would never have known a 123Bee Game’s plot just by playing their games. It’s really weird that they don’t tell the story inside the game :S

    And I really didn’t understand your last words, Knotaklu, could you please re-tell?

    “I Know People. See! I knew we could get along like reasonable folk.”

    And your comment is very much appriciated, like all the other positive and powerful comments :D

  15. Knotaklu says:

    Aint youz guys never seen a gansta flic?
    Sometimes someone needs friends for favors, ya know,like maybe “Takin out the thrash”
    or like maybe
    “Paying an old gumba of yours a visit”
    Stuff like that.

    p.s. Never confuse niceness or kindness as weakness!

    Yours truly

  16. GV says:

    To Psionic
    you really got a very very special talent in creating this game!!!
    uh…what i mean is all the games
    aside from the fact that the graphics are all good.. the game is also very challenging..
    create more games like’ll be discovered..soon

  17. smudge says:

    if you click on the window in the room with the Xrays, you see the Dark Matter beast and get a bonus score.

  18. Jade Wolf says:

    Another great game in a fantastic series! I do appreciate the not having to search for blood vials this time, though :)
    I’m excited for the next installment! Keep up the great work.

  19. Psionic says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed it so far. Episode 4 coming soon!!

  20. Jade Wolf says:

    Can’t wait!!! :)

  21. Morpheus McGee says:

    This one felt kind of short, but I did like it a lot. I kept trying to shoot the Dark Matter monster with the Sanguine Chalice though. XD

  22. KIRODE says:

    Easy game, just as the last chapter, but much more exciting. You relly undearstand much more after playing this and i cant’ wait for the next episode to come.

  23. david tkw says:

    too easy to be a game. it’s only click without thinking. just about 14 minutes.