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RicoBrixRicoBrix is a very nice Break-out-type game with a lot of power-ups, and one of the best Breakout clones I played recently. The game features 20 levels of pure fun; the only downside is that your pointer is hidden in this one, meaning that, sometimes, you might not be able to control your paddle, so be careful. Other than that, excellent game! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.67


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  1. iddyboo says:


  2. iddyboo says:

    can’t get it to start any suggestions? keep pressing start game button and nothing happens. and then closed game and reloaded and still didn’t start. Will try later.

  3. iddyboo says:

    still doesn’t wrok very dissapointing

  4. iddyboo says:

    tried it on more modern coputer works now