Captain Duck

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Captain DuckCaptain Duck is the latest Room Escape game from Kagiana, the author of Old Hotel, Escape the Nursery and Monster 2. In this one, you find yourself locked in an unknown room where you will have to play with rubber duckies. Weird but easy game, with no text at all! Have fun!

Captain Duck walkthrough (thanks iddyboo!)

By Eric

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17 Comments to Captain Duck

  1. Urbek says:


    2 ducks, remote and 1 battery.

    Used: key

    Current status: stuck

  2. seku says:

    same here :S

  3. seku says:



  4. seku says:

    And out :)

  5. no 1 says:

    My ducks don’t want to make duckies…

  6. Ed says:

    There is a bug with the color panel in the bathroom. If you touched it after you inserted the code, reset and do it again (you won’t see the panel screen changing again).

  7. Kitty says:

    Need helf with the second key, I cannot find! Thanks

  8. Kitty says:

    got it

  9. iddyboo says:



  10. sammetje2 says:

    sweet little game… :)

  11. Morpheus McGee says:

    Cute game. ^_^”

    Thanks for the minor help (I was stuck trying to find the bathroom key) iddyboo!

  12. RIOTGIRL says:

    my ducks dont want to have lilones? HELP!!!!

  13. iddyboo says:

    riot girl have you Show

  14. iddyboo says:

    add on for riot girl Show

  15. sssone says:

    thanks Ed, I had to redo the code then it worked the second time.
    cute game, reasonably easy.

  16. Me2 says:

    Easy, logical and cute, great game! And I loved the baby ducks too. Thanks.

  17. iddyboo says:

    hello anyone out there I have written a walkthrough for this game