Find the Escape Men – 1 – In the Bathroom

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Find the Escape Men - 1 - In the BathroomFind the Escape Men – 1 – In the Bathroom is a Room Escape game from Saku, the author of the Nekonote series. This is the first installment in the series (this one was released last June) where your goal is to collect several Escape-Men and then escape from the room. Have fun!

Find the Escape Men 1 walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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14 Comments to Find the Escape Men – 1 – In the Bathroom

  1. hilman says:

    stuck at 10th green man, and turns out the 10th green man is me… lol

  2. Grootmoeder says:

    Out, nice game

  3. White Wolf says:



    Good luck!

  4. White Wolf says:

    Hmm.. my last post didn’t show up….

  5. White Wolf says:

    I did a walkthrough but it didn’t post…. :0(

    Edit: for an unknown reason, your walkthrough was stuck in the moderation queue. It’s live now. Sorry about that!

  6. qossip says:

    i cant attach the handle?

  7. kosmik says:

    Pretty much simple.

  8. nastik says:

    last green man: Show

  9. brin3m says:

    what to do with green man and bar?

  10. Totenkopf says:

    I’ve got nine green men, another one (with an hole) in items and a bar. Should I find another one? I still have an empty space in items

  11. hilman says:

    funny thing…
    i thought i wrote the first comment on find the escape men 2 – telephone box..
    and i’ve already written a walkthrough for this game.. (abouth 2 months ago, i think…)


  12. goldie says:


  13. iddyboo says:

    where’s the bar please

  14. Sylli says:

    Bar is the top cover … Where shower screen