Must Pop Words

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Must Pop WordsMust Pop Words is the latest game released by Barte Bonte. Your goal is to make words by using  the letter balls that fall down from the top of the game window. Type words and press enter to make the balls pop. The game is over when there are 50 balls on your screen. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


8 Comments to Must Pop Words

  1. victoria says:

    I played it , great game have fun make your comment work if out ,it is lots of fun very good adventure and point and click game

  2. victoria says:

    don’t spoil this one with a walkthrought to soon fun game try

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    uh… you can’t walkthrough a game like this.

  4. monte says:



  5. Prid says:

    For ONCE… I Agree With Tasselfoot, There Is No Way You Can Make A Video Walkthrough Out Of This Game! The Balls Fall Down With Random Letters!

  6. victoria says:

    sorry put Comment on the wrong game lol

  7. jackivee says:

    Prid, why do you capitalize every word? Just curious. You make great walkthroughs, however.

  8. And Introducing... A Leg says:

    Nothing really. I’m just amazed that this game managed to generate seven (now eight) comments.