Kidnapped by Pirates

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Kidnapped by PiratesAfter Kidnapped by Aliens, here is Kidnapped by Pirates, the latest Room escape game created by Selfdefiant, the author of the Super Sneaky Spy Guy series. No more aliens here, but pirates! They have captured you and you must find a way to escape before you walk the plank! Have fun!

Kidnapped by Pirates walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Kidnapped by Pirates video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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14 Comments to Kidnapped by Pirates

  1. hilman says:

    well stuck in the second alley..
    couldn’t find something that can fit into the slot..
    but it’s fun anyway :p

    (although i guess it’s buggy, cos when i put in the diamond, and turned out it needeed password so i went back first. but when i came into that room again, the safe door has already opened)

  2. Anemic says:




  3. hilman says:

    hahaha, silly game…
    i don’t read the sentence below, that the shield gives un-natural strength..

    thanks anemic..

  4. hilman says:

    p.s. forgot to add..
    the “menu” button’s position is quite annoying, cos everytime i tried to put off items, i mistakenly clicked on it… and luckily, i always remember not to click on “new” button, so my progress was saved.. :p

  5. Grootmoeder says:

    nice game

  6. Prid says:

    I Really Enjoyed This Game, And Solitude!



    Congratulations! You Escaped Yet Another Escape Game, And I Hope This Walkthrough Is Helpful!

    PS: Video Walkthrough Is Coming ;)

  7. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough


  8. White Wolf says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Prid …. :0)

  9. Prid says:

    Thanks, White Wolf. But, I Also Find Your Walkthroughs Quite Helpful, Like The One You Wrote For Solitude.. Thanks For Writing That One, I wouldn’t Have Beaten The Game Without Your Walkthrough ;)

  10. Kayla says:

    Fun! Didn’t need a walkthrough! I was proud :)

  11. Mila says:

    I did use the walkthrough a little bit, thanx Prid :)

  12. Prid says:

    Just Glad To Help :D

  13. pickle says:

    prid thanks 4 the walkthroughs they really helped

  14. Sarah says:

    This is a mistake in the game (spoiler):