Escape World Chapter 3 – Dining Room

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Escape World Chapter 3 - Dining RoomEscape World Chapter 3 – Dining Room is a Japanese Room Escape game where you will have to find several mugs and put them in the right order before you can escape from this place. Check out this clue, it might be helpful. Have fun!

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Escape World Chapter 3 – Dining Room walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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17 Comments to Escape World Chapter 3 – Dining Room

  1. Leianne says:

    Now lets see how far I can get.

  2. monte says:

    alright i got green and red cups. have opened the cabinets with both keys found codes, that seem not to work, also wiped down table to get another code i think for the menu, but it doesn’t work. Cleaned pan and turned on gas burner.

  3. monte says:

    i got four cups now. this is pretty tricky, but i like it

  4. dg says:

    Hint: Show

  5. monte says:

    i put the cups where they belong and locked them. i have only the fridge to open. and i think to make some coffee. the cook book gives you a ton of code helpers.

  6. monte says:

    yes. I am out, but i never opened the fridge. kinfdof weird i guess.

  7. geez says:

    monte how is listing what you found going to help us escape? If you found something,Then post where you found it! You can even use spoiler tags to hide where you found it.

  8. sleepwalking says:

    Yayks! I’m stucked !!
    What I’ve gotten follows xD~~
    When going to the kitchen:
    There’s a green mug Show

    There’s a dustcloth Show

    The table onthese same wall:

    Turn righ, there’s detergent in Show

    Go right again and water the dustcloth in the sink. Show


  9. sleepwalking says:

    Oh just understood something else!

  10. kay says:

    sleepwalking: for the new code with the w’s e’s and n’s

    sorry first time posting ^^’ screwed up the spoiler

  11. dg says:

    @kay: thanks – that was useful!

  12. White Wolf says:

    Lest see if I can get this right.



    Living Room



    There are other clues but I didn’t under stand them.
    Never did get the refrigerator open.
    I thought that OIL * 8 was for the three digit lock but that came out to 120 not 119???? Just got it by luck.
    O’well… got out anyway… :0)

  13. dg says:

    @White Wolf: Thanks for the WT! You got 2 codes Show

    by guesswork. There are a lot of clues in the kitchen, and they seem to be useless:

    Can anybody make sense of these? Do they lead to the codes found by WW? Can you get the code for the refrigerator from these clues?

  14. White Wolf says:

    Found this online



  15. dg says:

    Thanks again, WW. About OIL X 8:

    The lesson here is that there’s more than one way to see things. As to the 3 digit code, you need to know some Japanese, or try all the combinations. You get the 2 digit code after you open the fridge.

  16. White Wolf says:

    Ya.. I thought OIL was what you cleaned out of the fry pan… LOL

  17. redsky says:

    Where to know egg=23 ?