Wogger Inside – Level 5

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Wogger Inside - Level 5Wogger Inside – Level 5 is online! After the Wogger Mini series, here is the fifth episode of Wogger Inside, a new Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Bernd Mattiebe from Germany. Help Wogger on his never-ending journey in a surreal world full of danger. Have fun!

Wogger Inside – Level 5 walkthrough (thanks iddyboo!)

By Eric

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10 Comments to Wogger Inside – Level 5

  1. White Wolf says:

    Love these but this one was to easy. :0)

  2. stupefyin says:

    I’m stuck after I get the thing out of the web and the ship flies off. Any hints???

  3. stupefyin says:

    Oh, NVM, I figured it out.

  4. tiki says:

    help stuck, guy hanging from rock that opens and closes

  5. Anonymouse says:

    wow actually did it by myself!! thats a first with the wogger games

  6. iddyboo says:

    so far


    then i’m stuck

  7. ktye says:

    step 7

  8. Dk says:

    Found it! Show

  9. iddyboo says:

    thanks Kyte

  10. iddyboo says: