Three Color Fantasia

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Three Color FantasiaThree Color Fantasia is a Room Escape game all in Japanese, that takes place in a small room in which you are locked for an unknown reason. Look around closely and you will soon find a few items. But where are the Red T, the yellow Y and the blue N? You need them to get out of here! Have fun!

By Eric

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18 Comments to Three Color Fantasia

  1. Subzero says:


  2. rogermoure says:

    stuck with Show

  3. Reka says:

    Server not responding…

  4. Mila says:

    stuck on red code also. got the Y and the N

  5. sur says:

    red drawer code

  6. Anemic says:

    Blue Clue:


    Red Clue:


    Door Combination:


    Red Herrings:


    Combination (if you just want to get out):


  7. Morpheus McGee says:

    Well done, Anemic! I was stuck at the part where you had to enter the door code. @[email protected] Stupid red herrings!

  8. Grootmoeder says:

    Out without walkthrough

  9. lml4eva119 says:

    Hey the the password for the blue thing doesnt work for me! Any help?

  10. daber says:

    Hey combination doesn’t work for me…??

  11. Anemic says:

    The blue code doesn’t work unless you’ve found all four pieces of the clue paper.

  12. daber says:

    Ah, I have three out of the four…can’t find the last one….help please.

  13. daber says:

    Got it!

  14. David says:

    can’t find blue paper

  15. Anemic says:

    Blues Clues:


    Red Clue:


  16. jojo says:

    the pictures are clues for the door code

    they are in red, yellow and blue frames – so you can see in which order they have to be applied

    they depict a bath, a stone and a devil – tranlate that into Japanese

    and you have words sounding like (parts) of figures

    that bit is pretty difficult since Japanese numerals tend to vary – they have different words for plain numbers, pieces, counting people, counting fish, counting flat objects, counting long objects…


  17. myrdlebp says:


    No worky for me? Does it change every game?

  18. Anemic says:

    No, it’s always the same.