Cluster Escape

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Cluster EscapeCluster EscapeThe 70th Room Escape game from 123Bee, Cluster Escape, is live!

No more hair salon in this one, but a lot of tools!

“In this game, you are locked up in a room, which leads to many other rooms.

You will have to escape from the rooms by means of clever moves.

Have fun!

Cluster Escape walkhtrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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22 Comments to Cluster Escape

  1. Andy says:

    The link points to the Salon Escape.

  2. Mark says:

    in the url type in cluster instead of salon and it will take you to the correct game.

  3. Eric says:

    @ Andy and Mark – Sorry guys, my bad! Links updated!

  4. pc emmy says:

    I am stuck on the wiring level. I have the floor, and walls done but hte ceiling has me stumped. any ideas?

  5. daber says:

    I’m stuck on the wiring level too… ceiling and resistors on walls–anyone have any ideas? I have to leave but will be back…

  6. daber says:

    Yep, ceiling resistors have me stumped too….now I’m gone.

  7. pc emmy says:

    The floor and wall, when you get then in the correct place, you can no longer move them. When all are correct, the wiring lights up. The ceiling I can’t seem to get a single resistor correct!

  8. wolfie says:

    pc emmy, keep trying like you said move them until it clicks in place
    i did keep trying (takes time) and finally got it, got all 5 sides and go on the left where the blub is, click it to turn it on and the panel will open into another room

  9. pc emmy says:

    Finally got it. Now stuck in a pink room with stars on the wall….

  10. pc emmy says:

    Thanks wolfie–saw your post after I figured it out. I figured out the following one too but this one has me stumped. I did findShow

    but no clue what is next or how to open the iron chest.

  11. daber says:

    thanks Wolfie–that helped….unfortunately I am stuck in the next room…any hints after you solve the wall puzzle?

  12. White Wolf says:


    First Room

    Next Room


    Circuit Room


    Next Room

    Final Room


    Good luck.

  13. White Wolf says:

    Dang it… did it again.. I don’t know my right from my left…
    In the first room go to the LEFT and click on the red buttons…..

  14. liz says:

    doesnt appear to be working…ill try again later i guess

  15. Mel says:

    stuck in the room with the Show

    maybe it’s buggy, but I don’t see any Show

    can someone tell me where you find those?

  16. Mel says:

    ok, that was weird. I left the screen to come type here, and when I returned it was on a different screen with the combo lock thing. Weird. Now I’m stuck on the final room not being able to click on the magic spot. Buggy I guess.

  17. peaches2luv says:

    im in the star room, by the lock box and i clicked every star around it. nothing happens, the bigger stars all look the same. am i at the right wall? describe the wall, theres 4, duh. which 1 do i look at? thats the only wall i can look at. the others are unclickable.

  18. Pyro says:

    it won’t work i’ve tried it loads of times and it’s not working

  19. DNOMN8R says:

    @peaches2luv: the star:

  20. lml4eva19 says:

    ya its not working for me either! i just have a white screen when i try and load it! any help???

  21. lml4eva19 says:

    ok its working tonight! lol

  22. LD3H says:

    I don´t understand?!? I can´t figure out the brain!!!