Nekonote 10 – Dream 3

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Nekonote 10 - Dream 3Nekonote 10 - Dream 3Nekonote Escape 10 – Bream 3 is the latest installment in the Japanese Room Escape Nekonote series.

You find yourself in an unknown room and the door is locked.

Just like the previous one, Nekonote Escape 10 has very nice looking 3D graphics and you won’t have to find any Dwarf here!

Have fun!

Nekonote 10 – Dream 3 walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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57 Comments to Nekonote 10 – Dream 3

  1. Sky says:

    nm, had to restart x_X;

  2. jojo says:

    I feel real stupid but how do I get out? I have used everything except the smiling flame I got from the box hanging from the ceiling. What am I supposed to do???

  3. jojo says:

    Nevermind found hammer – Out

  4. Reka says:

    Walkthrough – sorry, I’m lazy and it’s late, so this is all in one shebang.

  5. Reka says:

    Some hints for the colorblind:

  6. funnymonkey says:

    what is the code to open the right drawer under TV?

  7. brett says:

    here is the code for the drawer