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CuberXtremeCuberXtremeCuberXtreme is a very nice puzzle game developed by Vito Sze from DigiS, which was released a month ago under the name Cubrius. The object of the game is to clear the stage by pushing blocks next to others of the same color. Move the little guy on the board with the arrow keys and make him push a cube with the space bar. Only cubes that directly touch the pushed cube and with the same color are removed along with it. Cubes can only be pushed, not pulled, leading to some limitations on which cube can be moved and in which directions.

To add fun and make the game more interesting, there are “special” cubes:

  • Anchor cubes: they cannot be moved. Use other cubes of the same color to remove them.
  • Colorless cubes: the can be pushed but not removed.
  • Puzzle cubes: they can only be removed using other puzzle cubes.
  • Pet cubes: get a pet sprite after you remove any pet cube. Cubes of your pet sprite color are removed after on push.
  • Joker cubes: use them to remove other joker cubes of any color.

Playing fast and making combos adds bonus to your score.

This game is a commercial one, but the online version includes two free stages packs: the Starter Pack, including 17 training levels, and the Emerald Pack with 16 new levels, much more challenging and uneasy to solve.

Once you have completed a level, the next one is unlocked. The game saves your progress and you won’t have to solve any stage more than once if you want to end the free Packs.
Coming with incredible graphics and a nice soundtrack, CuberXtreme is an excellent puzzle game you should enjoy to play with for a couple of hours.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


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  1. aishwarya says:

    puzzles are fascinating

  2. Lord White says:

    dude you let legends go? ……… say something..