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Nekra Psaria 3 & 4

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Puzzle, Shockwave    - June 19, 2016


Nekra Psaria 1 and Nekra Psaria 2 have already been posted, and these games are so good (and odd) that it’s only right to continue the series with Nekra Psaria 3 and Nekra Psaria 4. Assist Johny Boy in his quest to exist comfortably in his somewhat dark and surreal existence by solving clues to help with his bizarre dilemmas.

Have Fun!

By Tonepoet

current rating 3.71


Go Kart Go! Turbo!

Categories: 3D, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave, Sports    - January 14, 2011

Go Kart Go! Turbo! is a Mario Kart-like game developed by Pieter Albers of Xform Games using Adobe Director 11.5.

“Experience real-life like gaming with 3D and sound effects with ´GoKartGo!Turbo!’ – A wacky cartoon kart racing game where the players can make use of any items they pick up to slow down their opponents.

The game is set around 9 wacky animal drivers from which the player can choose. He must stress all his driving skills to finish first in a wild grand prix set over numerous tracks. To ensure victory, he can use items such as the ‘Radio Controlled Homing Bomb’, the ‘2 Megaton Anvil In Your Face’ and the ‘Instant Tank’. Whoever collects the most grand prix points wins the big Cup!”

Have fun!

Via Nicop

By Eric

current rating 4.44

Golf Ace Hawaii

Categories: Free, Games, Online, Shockwave, Sports   3 comments - March 19, 2008

Golf Ace HawaiiGolf Ace HawaiiGolf Ace Hawaii is the latest game created by the talented folks of Silent Bay Studios from Italia (check out the amazing Skyboard).

Golf Ace Hawaii is – as you can guess from its name – a golf simulation game. The game has two types of game modes: single player and training mode. Select your character, select your opponent and then enjoy the beautiful 9-hole course.

Playing Golf Ace Hawaii is relatively easy once you master the controls (that’s why there is a training mode!). Aim your swing with the arrow keys (press V to view the course map, it helps!). There is a meter at that bottom of the screen to determine the force of the swing and accuracy with which you connect to the ball. Press the space bar to start the power bar, press it again to choose the power and press the space bar a third time to set the accuracy. Don’t forget to check the wind direction indicated by a pink arrow in the top right corner of the game window.

When you’re right near the hole, a grid shows up with sliding markers that helps you see the slope in the green.

Overall, Golf Ace Hawaii is an amazing Shockwave golf simulation game. The 3D Graphics are top-notch, and the game has it all. One word of warning though: this game requires a more-than-decent computer (especially the graphic card) to run smoothly.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50

Platform – The Game

Categories: Free, Games, Online, Platform, Shockwave   10 comments - August 27, 2007

PlatformPlatformPlatform is a Shockwave Platform game created by Lewis Mitchell in which you control two young characters. Each of the two amnesiac heroes must be guided safely to the end of each level, avoiding the devious traps. You will need to make the characters work together to get to the end of most levels.

Use the arrow keys to move the characters, press ‘z’ or ‘.’ to jump and press spacebar to switch between the two characters.

In order to progress through Platform you will need to be proficient in wall jumping. If the character is sliding down a wall, pressing the jump key will make him perform a wall jump. Using wall jumps, it is possible to climb the sides of walls. If you keep holding the movement key towards the wall you are jumping off, a quick sequence of wall jumps will allow you to climb to the top of any wall.

With 17 levels available at the time of writing and a new level added almost each week, Platform is a very nice platformer: graphics, sounds and animations are well polished, and the gameplay is varied and challenging enough to keep you coming back for more.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good combination of platformer and puzzle, I’d definitely recommend Platform!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.50



Categories: 3D, Action, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave, Sports   5 comments - October 26, 2006

SkyboardSkyboardSkyboard is the latest game developed by the Italian team from Silent Bay Studios and has just been released on Miniclip.

Skyboard is a fast 3D racing game involving four skyboard riders over the city rooftops.

First of all, choose your rider and then enter a new tournament. A tournament is divided in nine different races in three categories:
– Competition: try to be the first one to the finish line.
– Collection: collect as much rings as you can as fast as you can.
– Elimination: At the end of every lap, the last rider is eliminated.

Simply use the arrow keys to control your rider, avoid the green toxic smokes that slow you, and try to use speed boosts and shortcuts to defeat your opponents.

Let’s go straight to the point. If the game is suited for a young audience, the team working on Skyboard did an absolutely incredible job with all the work they’ve put together here. 3D graphics and animations are breathtaking and the game runs very smoothly. The slow-motion sequences during the race are very impressive and are a nice addition to the game, at least for the first few minutes; after that, I recommend you turn the video camera off in the main menu to keep your attention on the race.

Overall, Skyboard is a new truly amazing racing game that you can play for free in your favorite browser. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.14

Defender II

Categories: 5 minute, Arcade, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave   2 comments - October 4, 2006

Defender IIDefender IIDefender is a horizontally scrolling shoot’em up arcade game created in 1980 by Williams Electronics. Designed by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Sam Dicker and Paul Dussault, this game was a hit when it was released and remained popular for several years after its launch.

Defender II is similar to the original Defender, but with more bonuses and more deadly enemies.

Here is what you can read in the very well documented help section of the game: “You are in control of the ship, Defender. Your mission is to protect the defenseless astronauts on the planet’s surface from the alien menace invading your world. The world is small; it takes about five seconds to fly completely around it. On the top of the screen, you will see a map showing the entire world, your position, and the position of all enemies and astronauts”.

Tap the arrow keys to move and press space bar to fire. Hold the left or right key to accelerate. Press ‘B’ to launch a smart bomb which, when fired, will destroy all enemies on the screen (but not their bullets or mines!). Press and hold the ‘V’ key to make your ship invisible and invulnerable for as long as you hold it or until the power runs out (shown below your number of reserve ships). In case of emergency, press the ‘N’ key to go randomly to hyperspace but be warned, hyperspace will make you jump to a completely different part of the world, one that may be more lethal than the one you left!

That being said, that’s a lot of controls, maybe too complex for occasional gamers and you will need time to get used to them.

Defender II is fast, addictive and very fun to play. Thanks to Digital Eclipse Software and its arcade emulator applet that drives this Shockwave game (and several others available on MidwayArcade website, but unfortunately less interesting), you won’t have to spend money anymore (like I did a long time ago!) to enjoy this one: just insert (virtual spinning) quarters in the upper right corner of the game window (click the quarter to do so) and then click either the one or two player start button. You’re ready to play with a 25 years old game: have fun!

Note: the game has a local High Score system, which tracks only the highest scores on your computer.

By Eric

current rating 3.75

Clowning Around: Miniclip advertises itself!

Categories: Arcade, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave   1 comment - August 24, 2006

Clowning AroundClowning AroundClowning Around is one of the latest game released on This 3D Shockwave advergame was clearly designed to promote Miniclip itself!

The object here is to control a clown on a unicycle and try to catch the jumping clowns. Use the left and the right arrow keys to move the unicycle.

The game is timed, and you only have 3 minutes to score as many points as possible, by keeping stacked one top of the other as many clowns as possible on the unicycle. Every second, the number of clowns stacked on the unicycle is added to your score.

The graphics are very neat and the animations very smooth; the musical background fits perfectly the game’s theme and I didn’t notice any flaw after several attempts to stack more than 9 clowns.

All in all, Clowning Around is a simple and great diversion, perfect for a 15 minute break. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.40

Just Solitaire: a “Solitaire” experience!

Categories: Cards, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave   2 comments - August 17, 2006

Just SolitaireJust SolitaireJust Solitaire is not a single game but a website fully dedicated to Solitaire card games! This site was launched in December 2004 by Gary Rosenzweig and his team from Clevermedia, and contains 26 different shockwave card games!

“The history of a group of card games known as Solitaire dates back to the mid-18th century. Internationally, the game of solitaire has many names. It is often called “Patience,” especially in Britain. In France, the game is sometimes called “Success” (reussite). Other languages, such as Danish, Norwegian and Polish often use the word “Kabal” or “Kabala” (secret knowledge) to describe these games. This goes back to the early origins of solitaire where the outcome of a game may have been though to be a type of fortune telling”.

Here is the introduction of the long story of how the Solitaire game became so popular. If you want to learn more, just have a look to “The history of Solitaire” on the website.

All the most famous Solitaire variations are available, such as Klondike, Pyramid, Spider or Free Cell to name just a few.

Select a game in the main page and then read the instructions carefully. Then click on the link at the bottom of the page to start playing. Click and drag any face-up card to move it with all the cards stacked on it (if any). A menu button is also available for each game: you can, at any time, clear the current game and start a new one or deal the cards exactly as they were dealt before. An undo option is also available (to the beginning if necessary), and the sound can be turn on or off.

My main complaint is that there is no high scores board nor forum implemented so far ; they would certainly help to keep players coming back from time to time.

That being said, with 26 different variations of Solitaire available for free, Just Solitaire is a recommended place if you’re looking for a “Solitaire” experience! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00

Show Jumping

Categories: 3D, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave, Sports   74 comments - July 28, 2006

Show JumpingShow JumpimgShow Jumping is the latest game designed by Lucas Meijer, the Dutch freelance developer behind Supersonic RC. This brand new 3D show jumping simulation was released a few days ago on

In this new 3D Shockwave game, your goal is to ride a horse and get to the finish line as fast as possible, jumping cleanly over any obstacle in a limited time. You control your jumper with the arrow keys, and you jump by pressing the space bar. Hold the space bar down if you want to jump higher. For every obstacle knocked down, a 5- second penalty is added to your total course time.

Including 2 training levels and 4 different courses, Show Jumping is a very well done 3D simulation; and if completing the first and the second levels shouldn’t be too difficult, you will probably spend much more time attempting to complete the last two ones.

With superb graphics and really smooth animations, this game is so far and by far the best Show Jumping simulation I ever played. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.55

Down Hill Duel

Categories: 3D, Action, Advergames, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave, Sports    - July 25, 2006

Down Hill DuelDown Hill DuelDown Hill Duel is the latest Shockwave game released by Inboxgames Digital and is a promotional game for the UK clothing brand Fat Face.

In this amazing 3D bike race simulation, you ride a mountain bike and have to get to the finish line as fast as possible, pulling tricks and collecting Fat Face logos as you go to increase your speed boost. Control your biker with the arrow keys and use the space bar to jump/boost.

The best part of the game is the multiplayer option: you can create your own league, invite some friends and then race against them as their top race is played back. In the solo mode, you can also race against your own top race biker: this implementation is really helpful in your attempts to set a new personal record, and adds a lot to the game’s value.

On the downside, there is only one track (with two different routes) available in the game and that’s probably why you won’t spend hours on your bike!

Overall, Down Hill Duel is a superb game, recommended for all 3D simulations lovers, and it definitely deserves a try. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00

Supersonic RC

Categories: 3D, Action, Free, Games, Online, Shockwave   2 comments - July 19, 2006

Supersonic RCSupersonic RCSupersonic RC is a 3D racing game created two years ago by a talented Dutch developer, Lucas Meijer, to promote a new line of remotely controlled Lego cars.

The game includes five different levels, from checkpoints races to extreme stunts challenges. Each level must be completed to unlock the next one. The first two levels, Free Driving and Checkpoint Chase are two training levels: you will have to complete two laps with a brand new RC car and get through checkpoints symbolized by yellow stars in a limited time. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer left and right, up and down arrow key to accelerate and break respectively. Press space bar to brake hard.

In later levels, you will have to perform acrobatic stunts for points and the find some hidden prizes. In the final level, Supersonic Challenge, you will have eventually to race AND put stunts AND find prizes!

With its fast and furious gameplay, its smooth 3D engine and superb graphics, Supersonic RC is simple to play, addictive and challenging! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.28

Doom Funnel Chasers

Categories: Free, Games, Online, Puzzle, Shockwave, Skill   1 comment - June 29, 2006

Doom Funnel ChasersDoom Funnel ChasersThe concept used in Galactic Gravity Golf (reviewed a few days ago) is not really a new one. It was implemented previously in another game, Doom Funnel Chasers, released in the first quarter of 2003!

In this game, you have to fling a giant ball into a funnel/black hole to seal it. Click on the ball and hold down your mouse button. Then drag your mouse to pull it back (adjust both direction and power with your mouse) and release the button to launch the ball!

Just like in Galactic Gravity Golf, you will have to use the gravity of nearby planets to help send the ball in the right direction. Try to catch flags with your ball, try to create long paths to plug the doom funnel and then collect extra points. After some practice, you should be able to “play” with the orbital trajectories and then create really, really long paths before sealing the funnel!

On the downside, there is no passwords implementation in Doom Funnel Chasers. There is no music either, just two different sounds when you launch the ball and when it hits the funnel.

Overall an unusual and original game that is really fun to play. With 25 different levels, and a 1 billion bonus for hitting every flag in the game, Doom Funnel Chasers definitely deserves a try! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00