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Matthew Annal (Nitrome) Interview

Categories: Interviews   6 comments - June 21, 2006

I had the opportunity this weekend to chat with Matthew Annal from Nitrome. As you may know, they’re the team behind one of the latest Miniclip hits, Roly Poly.

FreeGamesNews: Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about Nitrome?

Mat: Nitrome are based in London in the UK. It was started in late 2004 by me Mat Annal and Heather Stancliffe after working together at a large web agency and finding we worked together well. We started out doing web projects for clients with the intention of finishing and releasing a mobile game (our web game Chick flick was originally intended to be a mobile game) that we had started developing and then moving more into that field of work. The intention with Nitrome was to stay from our web project background and focus on game development and whilst the Mobile game never got fully finished we in the process tried our hand at online games which were more than happy being involved in.

FreeGamesNews: How many people are working at Nitrome and how did the team come together?

Mat: Me and Heather have known each other for almost 10 years now but only thought of starting a games business after working together on some Flash projects. Mainly Nitrome is just Heather and I, but all of the music gets done by Lee Nicklen who we’ve worked with in the past before starting up Nitrome. Apart from that we’ve had a couple of other people involved at various stages but we find that the projects seem to move more smoothly if we keep the team smaller!