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Hidden Mysteries – Civil War

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74 Comments to Hidden Mysteries – Civil War

  1. Superlucia says:

    I’m SURE this is stupid, but WHERE IN GOD’S NAME is the stupid pinecone in the first level, 1861, Fort Sumter?

  2. Mary S. Spahr says:

    Too few clues, items too small. Very frustrating game. I’m glad mine was one of my “free” games.

  3. Joye says:

    The pine cone is in 2 parts I believe. Been so long, I’ve worn out my mouse trying to find the club symbol aboard 2 ships. This has not been fun. The bomb puzzle is almost impossible to get hints.
    Has anyone found the club symbol? I’m glad I only lost .99 cents on this one.

  4. LWL says:

    The club is a shadow on the front quarter near the waterline of the ship with the flag flying.

  5. Pat says:

    What irks me is that if you *do* use a precious clue (and I can’t win that game to get more clues) you can often click right on top of it (“kerosene lamp” comes to mind) but it won’t work. There must be some itsy-bitsy field that’s about the size of the head of a pin. As a result, you can actually hit the “clue” button, click on where they show it to be (and on what you *thought* it was in the first place) and it won’t work. I don’t know if this is deliberate on their part because they thought it might be an additional challenge, or a programming error, but no matter what, it’s incredibly frustrating.

  6. Claudia says:

    Well…I have played a lot of HO games and this one is so hard it’s not even fun. I actually used a magnifying glass to find some of the objects or I never would’ve found them. Now I cannot find all the arrows on the bonus part of 1864 so cannot advance to the next level. I also have never been able to win the extra clues game. Save your money!

  7. Diane Cuenin says:

    I would like to know where th HELM o the ships–yes, that bomb junk is ridiculous!!!

  8. denstrooper says:

    where is the EXCLAMATION in the 1862 Battle of ANTIETAM?

  9. Dane says:

    Where can I find the ticket, at the First Battle of Bull Run? 1861?

    The helm of the ship is like the wheel of the ship. a circle with spokes. for DIANE CUENIN.

  10. Babs says:

    Exclamation Point is in Abe’ hat.

  11. Bob says:

    Helm is on the cannon wheel in the far back

  12. Carla says:

    Where is the lightning bolt in the second battle of bull run?

  13. Lynne says:

    Yes this game is so very hard, Everyone is right not fun. To little numbers of clues. I am in 1864 my last arrow to find and have spent to much time on it and still can’t find it. Save your money.

  14. ashley says:

    i am at the spotsylvania court house and i can tfind the grater and pineaple
    can someone please help me

  15. Jennifer says:

    I have been looking for 2 days to find the ‘kerosene lamp’ in 1864 Battle of the Wilderness. I clicked the hint, but it didn’t show it so I clicked it again cause it was the last item I needed. I had my daughter watching the screen still no hint lights. I’ve clicked on the oil lamp umpteen times, but that isn’t what they are calling the kerosene lamp. I’m getting pretty annoyed at this point thinking I bought a faulty game. Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance!

  16. Jennifer says:

    arrow is the top left hand corner of the porch or bottom left is more like a directional arrow. Try next to the bush on left.

  17. Sandra Gramlin says:

    I bought this game, and am so sorry! It isn’t intellectually challenging, it’s just visually challenging! The scenes are way too dark. I know it’s not my monitor because everything else is bright. Sometimes I just start clicking around in the dark areas and accidentally find something. It’s very frustrating.

  18. Susan says:

    Where is the dang lighting bolt?

  19. Ness48 says:

    The lightening bolt is on the tent roof.

  20. Yenis says:

    The last arrow I found is on the bush on the righ hand corner of the game on the bottom, you have to look close to see it

  21. Christina says:

    Where is the lightning bolt on the second battle of bull run 1862? i have been looking for it for two hours.

  22. GinaKinKC says:

    ok I used all my hints, and need to find the last firefly, and it is impossible to win extra clues…anyone have a hint on that? It is Battle of Chattanooga. Greatly appreciated in advance!

  23. Diana says:

    Ok, so if thats not the kerosene lamp, does anyone know where it is at?

  24. tbamer says:

    I can’t find my last firefly