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Aveyond: Gates of Night

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172 Comments to Aveyond: Gates of Night

  1. Sohini says:

    oh and to go to ghedare u need a death certificate (u get it from gyendal when he takes away stella in d snow land) and go to the catacombs…that’ll be after finding all the keys…

  2. Lynn says:

    can someone tell me where to get the oil for the water ways switch i’ve looked and looked but i can find it iv’e been told its in the castle in venwood but its locked so wheres the key!!! help plz i need this sooo bad

  3. RPG Kinger says:

    The key is the island with the cobra snakes, tigers, and dragons. I just got it yesterday but forgot exactly where it is. But for sure its on that island.

  4. charlie says:

    how do you get into the underworld!!!

  5. charlie says:

    oh and how do you get the quarter key from the fairy kingdom?

  6. charlie says:

    the first key is in the witch village inside when the toughest witch is outside second key is from the dragon king when you have defeated him the third one is in the org kingdom and the forth one is in the fairy village when you get the key from the elven queen (you have to save some-one’s son from the waterways first) but i dont know exactly how you get the key off the frog king and the queen is crying in the forest cause she has been turned into a frog hope this helps!

  7. charlie says:

    hmmmm no replys…

  8. Kendall says:

    you get it after you bring the fairy dust to the fairy queen so she is not a frog anymore. the fairy dust is in the portal that the children fairys make after you give them the magic mushroom.

  9. vincent says:

    i cant find bombs to blow open boards in several place, i find one once and blue open a cave where the snow is. can some one help me

  10. Kt says:

    the treasure key is on the beach.. head up from the boat and to the right on phyree jungle :)

  11. lamsal says:

    Response to Lynn: where is oil?

    The oil is inside the queen’s castle in the blue chest.

  12. rabs says:

    thanks a lot sohini…………..i forgot the candy

  13. Beth says:

    To get the bombs you have to get the bomber egg from Dioni. She’s a fairy who wants butterfly wings. Get her the wing from Naylith. After you get the egg you’ll have to hatch it at the Moo Hatchery. Then you have a endless supply of bombs.

  14. Lady Warrior says:

    HELP…i am so lost…where is the fairy queen and how do i get there…????

  15. Chanel says:

    what level should your party be to go to the dragon place orc kingdom and fairy world as 3 of my party members are level 15 one is 17 and the other is 25 beause they are very weak from the attacks of other monsters in the other worlds ?

  16. sweetz_lulu says:

    hi all..
    i wanna ask something
    i have found the first key and i put on the naylith summit and after that i dont know what i want to do and where i want to go…
    because i dont know where is the way to go another place..
    could somebody help me ???

  17. Megan says:

    Does anybody know the exact date for release of the next installment? The website says January 2010, it’s January 2010 now and I realize we still have the entire month but I’m getting tired of checking everyday to see if it is out yet. I’m anxious to start playing it I’ve been done with Gates of night since only a few weeks after it came out. Thanks to all. I have beaten Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night 3 times now and I’m ready for the next one!! I’m due to have my baby Feb 3rd and I want to play the game before then, I’ll be busy with the baby and I wont have time to play for a while. If anyone knows the answer…

  18. Chanel says:

    sweetz_lulu you need to get rid of the pirates in stormbed and then purchase the pirate ship and then you need to go to tar verdan make sure to learn tightrope walking when you are there and make sure you have good levels as the monsters are quite difficult after you have been there make you way to Dragthor which is on the same island if you amartha they have maps which will help you get around they also have a walkthrough avalible

  19. Mattias says:

    Where can I find the last artifact to the museum of Thais? I already got the crown, the golden frog and the aincent symbol.

  20. Mattias says:

    One way to defeat Gyndal is to let Ghalahad use the sword that he obtain from medusa and continue to petrify gyndal so that he not will atack you. It’s easyer if you petrify stella first then she can not help gyndal in the battle.

  21. sweetz_lulu says:

    thanks chanel..
    by the way ..
    someone can tell me where I get a spider egg and gold for Wert?? and where the hidden section in the dwarven mines?
    I’ve looked at the spider’s den, but I did not get anything in there just cobwebs empty and the dwarven mines I found a room but there’s nothing there ..

  22. sweetz_lulu says:

    wanna ask again..
    i’m confused now..
    i’ve read older comments and found someone say about chapter 1 and two ???
    does anyone know what is chapter 1, 2 onwards